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Gospel means the entire doctrine of Christ which he proclaimed personally in his teaching ministry and which his apostles set forth (examples of this meaning occur in Mark 1:15 and Acts 20:24), then it is correct to say or write that the gospel is a proclamation both of repentance and of forgiveness of sins. (Ep. V, 6, p. 478, Tappert).
Gospel means good news, or good tidings.
Gospel means "good news"; Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are the four accounts of the good news of' Jesus. Although they were never meant to be a complete biography, these four gospels tell the most important events and teachings in life of' Jesus.

Examples of Gospel in a sentence

  • This emulated Zwingli who, on arrival at the Grossmünster in Zurich, had commenced a cover-to-cover exposition of the Gospel of Matthew.

  • On the clause in 3.13, ‘while it is called Today’, he pressed home the immediacy of the Gospel call to individuals: today ‘is all yt time wherein God doeth call us: while he therefore speaketh, let us heare’.

  • Summarising, critics have concluded not only that the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ life have been recorded in theological as much as chronological order, but also that multiple layers of confessional material obscure the claims to historicity of the events under discussion.

  • Bringing the Gospel of Christ to Muslims in these countries is a very dangerous endeavor.

  • They share in the teaching ministry of the Catholic Church by modeling Christian values and living exemplary lives.Staff are called to be role models and witnesses to the Gospel of Christ and, therefore, shall adhere to properconventions and Christian morals.

  • Dr. John McClean, Convenor, Gospel, Society and Culture Committee, The Presbyterian Church of Australia in the State of NSW• Dr Joanna Barlow, Member, Gospel, Society and Culture Committee, The Presbyterian Church of Australia in the State of NSWThe evidence concluded and the witnesses withdrew.

  • Let us leave with that empti- ness, so that we will depend on God who can fill us.The parable in today’s Gospel I feel is very rele- vant for us.

  • This serves as an important contribution because contemporary sources provide clues for how a passage was understood at the time the Markan author composed his Gospel.

  • Attention has been paid to the use of Scripture in the Second Gospel ever since modern, critical analysis of Mark started with the work of David Friedrich Strauss.

  • Hatina states that the contributions to the volume “all in their own way attempt to explore biblical interpretation in the Gospel of Mark from a narrative and (socio-)historical perspective”135.

More Definitions of Gospel

Gospel means “good news.” Dear reader, after due consideration of every- thing you find “good” in the newspaper, what can compare with the news that, though you are a sinner, Jesus Christ, the holy and crucified Son of God, is truly your Friend?
Gospel is a Greek term which means “good news.” In the Roman Empire, it was used to refer to the announcement of an objective event that had changed the course of human history, and a summons to align one’s life to this event. For example, when Caesar Augustus was born (63 BC), heralds were sent throughout the Empire to proclaim this “gospel.” During his reign (9 BC), Asia Minor heralds proclaimed the “gospel” of his peaceful reign and summoned all subjects to reckon time from a new calendar based on his birthday.1
Gospel means “good news.” Good news fills us with joy and strength, while bad news can rot our bones. We all want good news. We all need good news. What is the good news? It is about Jesus Christ the Son of God. “Jesus” means “Savior.” Jesus came to save us from our sins (Mt 1:21). “Christ” means “God‟s anointed,” “God‟s anointed king.” Jesus is our Savior King. Moreover, Jesus is the Son of God who reveals God‟s holy character. The gospel is the good news about Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Let‟s see how the gospel began.
Gospel means "good news".
Gospel means ‘Good news

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