Gamma definition

Gamma means Gamma Telecom Holding Limited, whose registered company number is 04287779, and any of its subsidiaries or holding companies, or any subsidiary of such holding companies, all as defined by section 736 of the Companies Act 1985, as amended by the Companies Act 1989;
Gamma means the 2002-built Supramax bulk carrier of 53,098 metric deadweight tons registered in the ownership of Star G under the relevant Approved Flag with the name “STAR GAMMA”;

Examples of Gamma in a sentence

  • A TB testing method of either a TB skin test (TST) or Interferon Gamma Release Assay (IGRA) may be used for pre-deployment and annual re-screening of all U.S. Citizens employed under the contract.

  • However, for a TB contact investigation, a TST or Interferon Gamma Release Assay (IGRA) is required.

  • This is needed in many branches of engineering.• To introduce the concepts of improper integrals, Gamma, Beta and Error functions which are needed in engineering applications.• To acquaint the student with mathematical tools needed in evaluating multiple integrals and their usage.

  • Dr. Frost is one of two limited partners of Frost Gamma L.P. The general partner of Frost Gamma L.P. is Frost Gamma, Inc., and the sole shareholder of Frost Gamma, Inc.

  • Frost Gamma L.P. is the sole and exclusive beneficiary of Gamma Trust.

More Definitions of Gamma

Gamma means Gamma Biologicals, Inc., a Texas corporation.
Gamma. “ Gamma Acquisition ”, “ Net Proceeds ”, and “ Second Amendmentset forth below and (ii) deleting the definitions ofBase Rate ”, “ Business Day ”, “ Consolidated EBIT ” “ Consolidated EBITDA ”, “ Consolidated Interest Expense ”, “ Maximum Revolving Credit Amount ”, “ Revolving Credit Termination Date ” and “ Total Funded Debt ” in their entirety and substituting therefor the corresponding definitions thereof set forth below:
Gamma means Gamma Telecom Limited.
Gamma means gamma isotopic.
Gamma means Gamma Telecom Limited, Gamma Business Communications Limited, Gamma Network Solutions Limited or associated businesses in the Gamma Communications plc group.
Gamma means Gamma Computer Tech Co., Ltd.