Follow-up definition

Follow-up means the tracking of all newborns with an abnormal result, inadequate or unsatisfactory specimen or a quantity not sufficient specimen through to a normal result or confirmed diagnosis and referral.
Follow-up means the process for determining the status of an individual who has been referred to an outside resource for services or who has been discharged from services OR the process for determining an agency’s compliance with these standards after an agency audit has been completed.

Examples of Follow-up in a sentence

Follow- up analyses (Tables S4 and S5) reveal that significant interactions with sex were also found for youth-rated negative emotionality and parent-rated daring for RD after FDR correction, but no associations or sex-by-disposition tests were significant for AD at corrected levels.

U.S. Department of Justice, Office of the Inspector General, Follow up Report on Border Patrol’s Efforts to Improve Northern Border Security, OIG Report No. I-2002-004, February 2002.

Follow up of the implementation of the various campaigns, develop communication strategies with focus on online media, propose and monitor data collection and information related to these campaigns and contribute to specific events.

Follow up of this cohort will provide information on the natural history and development of venous disease in both sexes, and the resulting implications for patients and the provision of healthcare.

No. :Identification Marks:Date of Admission :Date of Discharge :Mode of Admission :Complaints :Relevant History :Mental Status Examination :Physical Examination :Provisional Diagnosis :Initial Treatment :Treatment and Progress Notes :Date Clinical Status Treatment Side Effects Final Diagnosis :Condition at Discharge : Follow up Recommendations FORM II(see rule 15)Application for DischargeFrom…………………….……………………….………………………..

More Definitions of Follow-up

Follow-up means the organized method of systematically determining the status of consumers after they have been discharged to determine post-treatment outcomes and utilization of post-treatment referrals.
Follow-up means the practice of investigating and monitoring cases, carriers, contacts, or suspect cases to detect, treat, or prevent disease.
Follow-up means the IA CFY program component that involves a system for seeking information about or reviewing an abnormal condition, rescreening, or recall for annual visits.
Follow-up means the process for determining the status of an inmate who has been referred to an outside resource for services or who has been discharged from the program.
Follow-up means inspections that are conducted subsequent to the initial inspection. These types of inspections are typically more focused on the progress that has been made on non-compliant areas identified in the initial inspection.