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Examples of FMA in a sentence

  • This area is known as Kerema Meporo and it is a proposed FMA, forest management area.

  • The audacity of the FMA to attempt to make such a determination is stunning.

  • Furthermore, FMA and FRI internal policies and procedures establish informational barriers that prevent the flow between FMA and the FRI affiliates of information that relates to the voting and investment powers over the securities owned by their respective advisory clients.

  • The intent of the FMA with Amendment 3 to only limit fees to the attorneys of the victims of medical negligence and not the defenders of it has clearly been placed in black and white by virtue of the Grimes Petition, which forbids the victims of medical negligence to contract a higher fee with their attorneys upon successful completion of a malpractice claim than what the FMA has decided should be sufficient.

  • This tactical maneuver by the FMA is being pursued because, even if Amendment 3 is able to somehow withstand a constitutional challenge, the history of our state and federal case law is replete withinstances of people waiving their constitutional rights.

More Definitions of FMA

FMA means the Financial Markets Act No. 19 of 2012.
FMA means the Financial Markets Act, 2012;
FMA means the Financial Markets Act No. 19 of 2012, as amended;
FMA means the Financial Markets Act (Act No. 19 of 2012);
FMA means the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority, which is the competent authority for Liechtenstein under the Prospectus Regulation.
FMA means Financial Markets Act 19 of 2012;