Flush definition

Flush means within:
Flush or "flushed" means to move or chase from a cervidae livestock facility.
Flush means a hand of five (5) cards all of the same suit with no regard to rank.

Examples of Flush in a sentence

  • In case of eye contact : Flush eyes with water as a precaution.Get medical attention if irritation develops and persists.

  • Flush skin and hair with running water (and soap if available).Seek medical attention in event of irritation.

  • Flush piping system with clean, potable water until dirty water does not appear at outlets.

  • Loosen tight clothing such as a collar, tie, belt or waistband.: Flush contaminated skin with plenty of water.

  • Flush spilled material into an effluent treatment plant, or proceed as follows.

More Definitions of Flush

Flush. A poker hand consisting of 5 cards of the same suit.
Flush means five cards of the same suit;
Flush means a hand where the Cards are all of the same suit but not in sequential face value order.
Flush means as close as possible to the stem which does not extend past the basal swelling of the branch;
Flush means a combination of three cards of the same suit.
Flush means within
Flush means cards containing the same suit.