Financing Party definition

Examples of Financing Party in a sentence

  • Any Financing Party shall be an intended third-party beneficiary of this Section 8.3(m).

  • Where there is a Financing Party, the account established by the Power Producer at the instance of such Financing Party for the deposit of the cash flows and receivables of the Power Producer, as intimated to the Purchaser by such Financing Party.

  • The Trustee shall cause notice of the proposed execution and delivery of any Supplemental Indenture (regardless of whether it affects the Developer’s rights) together with a copy of the proposed Supplemental Indenture to be mailed to the Developer and any Financing Party of which the Trustee has received written notice at least 15 days before the proposed date of execution and delivery of the Supplemental Indenture.

More Definitions of Financing Party

Financing Party means, as applicable (i) any Person (or its agent) from whom Provider (or an Affiliate of Provider) leases the System, or (ii) any Person (or its agent) who has made or will make a loan to or otherwise provider financing to Provider (or an Affiliate of Provider) with respect to the System.
Financing Party means any Person providing debt, lease or equity financing (including equity contributions or commitments) or hedging arrangements, or any renewal, extension or refinancing of any such financing or hedging arrangements, or any guarantee, insurance, letters of credit or credit support for or in connection with such financing or hedging arrangements, in connection with the ownership, lease, operation or maintenance of the Project Equipment or interests or rights in the Lease, or any part thereof, including any trustee or agent acting on any such Person’s behalf.
Financing Party means either of the following:
Financing Party or “Financing Parties” means any and all Persons or successors in interest thereof, directly or indirectly, (i) lending money, (ii) extending credit, (iii) investing equity capital or (iv) providing or financing any System or other arrangement including tax equity investments for or in connection with any of the following: (a) the construction, term or permanent financing of the System; (b) working capital or other ordinary business requirements of the System (including the maintenance, repair, replacement or improvement of the System); (c) any development financing, bridge financing, credit support, credit enhancement or interest rate protection in connection with the System; or (d) the purchase of the System and the related rights. For avoidance of doubt, “Financing Party” shall include an Equipment Leasing Party, if any, and any Person providing any of the foregoing categories of financing to Equipment Leasing Party with respect to the System.
Financing Party means a Project Lessor or Lender.