Financing Party definition

Financing Party means any and all Persons, or the agents or trustees representing them, providing senior or subordinated debt or tax equity financing or refinancing (including letters of credit, bank guaranties or other credit support).
Financing Party means any and all of the following: the Holders, the Indenture Trustee, Duke Energy Progress, collateral agents, any party under the Basic Documents, or any other person acting for the benefit of the Holders.
Financing Party means a holder of securitization bonds, including trustees, collateral agents, and other persons acting for the benefit of the holder.

Examples of Financing Party in a sentence

  • Unless otherwise provided in this Agreement, all notices and communications concerning this Agreement shall be in writing and addressed to the other Party (or Financing Party, as the case may be) at the addresses set forth in the Special Conditions, or at such other address as may be designated in writing to the other Party from time to time.

  • The System will be owned by Provider or Provider’s Financing Party and will be operated and maintained and, as necessary, repaired by Provider at its sole cost and expense; provided, any repair or maintenance costs incurred by Provider as a result of Purchaser’s negligence or breach of its obligations hereunder shall be reimbursed by Purchaser.

  • No such notice will be effective absent delivery to the Financing Party.

  • Purchaser will deliver to the Financing Party, concurrently with delivery thereof to Provider, a copy of each notice of default given by Purchaser under this Agreement, inclusive of a reasonable description of Provider default.

  • Purchaser will not mutually agree with Provider to cancel, modify or terminate this Agreement without the written consent of the Financing Party, however, this provision shall not be interpreted to limit any termination rights of either Party as set forth in the Agreement.

More Definitions of Financing Party

Financing Party means, as applicable (i) any Person (or its agent) from whom Provider (or an Affiliate of Provider) leases the System, or (ii) any Person (or its agent) who has made or will make a loan to or otherwise provide financing to Provider (or an Affiliate of Provider) with respect to the System.
Financing Party means either of the following:
Financing Party. Any Person who is or may be participating with the Lessor in any way in connection with the financing of any Capital Addition.
Financing Party means any third-party entity providing debt or equity financing to Provider (or any successor or assignee thereof) with respect to the System, including without limitation a party providing construction financing, a lessor in a sale-leaseback transaction, a partner in a partnership flip transaction, or a limited liability company member in an equity sale transaction.
Financing Party means any Person providing debt, lease or equity financing (including equity contributions or commitments) or hedging arrangements, or any renewal, extension or refinancing of any such financing or hedging arrangements, or any guarantee, insurance, letters of credit or credit support for or in connection with such financing or hedging arrangements, in connection with the ownership, lease, operation or maintenance of the Project or interests or rights in the Lease, or any part thereof, including any trustee or agent acting on any such Person’s behalf.
Financing Party means the Persons (including any trustee or agent on behalf of such Persons) providing financing or refinancing to or on behalf of Seller for the design, development, construction, testing, commissioning, operation or maintenance of the Facility (whether limited recourse, or with or without recourse).
Financing Party means a Project Lessor or Lender.