Definition of Final Advance Date

Final Advance Date means the Advance Date specified by the Borrower in writing to be the final Advance Date under the Loan Agreement.
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Final Advance Date means February 27, 2004.

Examples of Final Advance Date in a sentence

Any such assignment shall become effective on the then-current Final Advance Date.
Any failure of a Committed Lender to respond by the sixtieth day preceding such Final Advance Date shall constitute a refusal to consent to such an extension.
Each Committed Lender will deliver to the SPV at least sixty (60) days prior to the then current Final Advance Date a non-binding indication of whether it intends to consent to such extension.
If none or less than all the Commitments of the non-renewing Committed Lenders are so assigned as provided above, then the Final Advance Date shall not be extended.
Not more than ninety (90) days or less than seventy-five (75) days prior to the then current Final Advance Date, the SPV may request an extension thereof for an additional period not to exceed 364 days.