farm land definition

farm land means land within a country water area that is used, or primarily used, for agricultural, pastoral, grazing or dairying purposes or any combination of them; but does not include land that —
farm land means any cleared land devoted to or capable of agricultural or horticultural use.

Examples of farm land in a sentence

Farm land prices in the neighborhood of biogas producing farmers are said to rise faster than in other agricultural regions.

By virtue of the location of the Premises, Lessee and its successors and assigns acknowledge and agree that they will have to tolerate features associated with uses of other Glen Farm land such as regular youth sporting events, large tournaments involving varied sporting activities, contests and activities, outdoor trade shows and exhibitions, fairs, circuses, concerts, indoor and outdoor theatrical productions, large scale private gatherings such as company outings and public assemblies.

Farm land (Class I and II) will not be considered unless there is no other suitable land available.

Farm land may be permanently flooded in many places, primarily on fields situated close to the coast and where there is no coastal protection, or fields situated near watercourses or in low-lying areas prone to flooding.

The Airport company is currently seeking to progress a runway safety project which would necessitate use of part of the Parton Farm land.

More Definitions of farm land

farm land means land used for farming operations as defined in the regulations;
farm land means any rateable land -
farm land means farm land as defined in section 2 of the Valuation of Land Act 1960;
farm land means any rateable land-
farm land means other than in Part VI, real property in Saskatchewan that is situated outside a city, town, village, hamlet or resort village and that is used for the purposes of farming, but does not include:
farm land means land used for agricultural and pastoral activities but does not include
farm land means a parcel of rateable land which is valued as one assessment and the dominant use of which is for farming which:-