Definition of Facility A Lender

Facility A Lender means a Term Lender under Facility A.

Examples of Facility A Lender in a sentence

Copies of such reports shall be provided promptly to each Facility A Lender and the Borrower by the Administrative Agent.
The Administrative Agent shall promptly notify each Facility A Lender of such request.
Upon such acceptance and recording by Administrative Agent, as of the Effective Date, (i) the Assignee shall be a party to the Facility A Agreement and, to the extent provided in this Assignment and Acceptance, have the Rights and obligations of a Facility A Lender thereunder, and (ii) the Assignor shall, to the extent provided in this Assignment and Acceptance, relinquish its Rights and be released from its obligations under the Facility A Agreement.
All such amounts payable by any such Facility A Lender shall include interest thereon accruing at the Federal Funds Rate from the day the applicable draft is paid by Administrative Agent to (but not including) the date such amount is paid by such Facility A Lender to Administrative Agent.
No Facility A Lender shall be responsible for the failure of any other Facility A Lender to make its Pro Rata Part of any Borrowing.