Extreme definition

Extreme shall have the meaning given to that term in the introductory paragraph hereof.
Extreme means that the impairment(s) very seriously affect the child’s ability to function in a domain.
Extreme s Extended Remarketing Right shall not have been terminated pursuant to subparagraph 4.(B) below because of Extreme's failure to make any Supplemental Payment required on the Designated Sale Date.

Examples of Extreme in a sentence

  • BSE SME Exchange will have all margins which are applicable on the BSE Main Board viz., Mark-to-Market, Value-At-Risk (VAR) Margin, Extreme Loss Margin, Special Margins and Base Minimum Capital etc.

  • Extreme market movements may result in downgrade of an institution or removal from the Council’s lending list.

  • Extreme care must be exercised in the preparation and presentation of the responses to all the Technical Requirements.

  • Extreme market movements may result in downgrade of an institution or removal from the Council’s lending list.Sole reliance will not be placed on the use of this external service.

  • Extreme caution should be used when committing confidential information to the electronic messages, as confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.

More Definitions of Extreme

Extreme means heaviest rainfall in one day.
Extreme means a very sever, violent, drastic or desperate measure. Webster’s Third New International Dictionary (1993). Alleging in various cases, as Plaintiff has done, that men, who are also human-beings, have inalienable rights is not extreme. “Rail” means to revile in harsh or
Extreme means the applicable Extreme Networks entity as follows: (a) for purposes of Channel Partners located in EMEA [countries located in the European Union, Middle East and Africa]; APAC [countries located in Asia-Pacific (East Asia including Japan, Southeast Asia and Australia]; and Canada; Extreme Networks Ireland Ops Limited and (b) for Channel Partners in all other regions, Extreme Networks, Inc.
Extreme means the applicable Extreme Networks legal entity as follows:
Extreme means Extreme Mobile Coatings, Inc., a Delaware corporation.
Extreme or the “Company” means nominal defendant Extreme Networks, Inc. 19