Explicit definition

Explicit means fully revealed, leaving no question as to meaning or intent. Explicitly charged fees for financial intermediation services include brokerage fees; explicitly stated banking, loan origination, processing, documentation, credit check fees or other similar fees; safe-deposit box fees; insurance premiums, to the extent such premiums are not allocable to the investment account of the underlying insurance policy; trustees' fees; and other financial services fees (including, but not limited to, mutual fund management, sales, and exit fees). All explicitly charged fees for financial intermediation services are taxable to the consumer and are not taxable when they are for business purposes.
Explicit means direct and deliberate instruction through continuous pupil-teacher interaction that includes teacher modeling, guided practice, and independent practice.
Explicit means that “the type of concepts used and the constraints on their use are explicitly defined”;

Examples of Explicit in a sentence

  • Explicit quality adjusted volumes were excluded from the ESA central system because of conceptual difficulties and the absence of consensus on output methods adjusted for qualityaffect comparability of results across EU countries.

  • Explicit references to “assistant officers” in section 1732 have been removed in connection with the amendment in 2021 adding “assistant officer” to the definition of “officer” in 15 Pa.C.S. § 1103.

  • Explicit models of dynamic behavior spell out assumptions and predictions clearly enough that errors can be detected and used as a basis for further learning.

  • Explicit prohibition on providing vessel specific or aggregate vessel information from a fishery that is collected for monitoring and enforcement to any person for the purposes of coastal and marine spatial planning.

  • In adaptive implicit formulation, it is decided for each gridblock in each time step whether IMPES (Implicit Pressure Explicit Saturation) or fully implicit methods should be used.

More Definitions of Explicit

Explicit. “You are divorced”, “You are a divorced woman
Explicit means that the indication of consent is unambiguous and is demonstrated by a signature or some other positive indication
Explicit here means ‘consciously known.’ The interviewer has to know about something to be able to ask about it, and the interviewee has to consciously know about something to be able to say it out loud.
Explicit means clear and specific delineation of the scope of data collection and the extent of data processing.
Explicit means that the controller should have defined the purpose of data collection.
Explicit means “characterized by full clear expression : being without vagueness or ambiguity : leaving nothing implied . . . unreserved and unambiguous in expression : speaking fully and clearly.” WEBSTER’S THIRD NEW INTERNA- TIONAL DICTIONARY 801 (1993). Notably, “express” is a syn- onym for “explicit,” which “stresses the idea that whatever is under consideration has been expressed and not left to tacit understanding ” Id. “Promise” means “a declaration that