Exchanged definition

Exchanged and “Exchanging” shall have correlative meanings.
Exchanged has a correlative meaning.
Exchanged shall have correlative meanings.

Examples of Exchanged in a sentence

  • The right to consummate a Direct Exchange in all events shall be exercisable for all the Exchanged Units that would otherwise have been subject to an Exchange.

  • No. 97-39, 97th Cong., 1st Sess.); Advice and Consent to Ratification by the Senate, with Reservations and Understandings, December 16, 1981; Ratified by the President, Subject to Said Reservations and Understandings, January 20,1982; Ratified by the Philippines September 1, 1982; Ratifications Exchanged at Washington September 16,1982; Proclaimed by the President October 16, 1982; Entered into Force October 16, 1982.

  • Conversation between the Transition Facilitator and Transitioning Youth shall cover elements that will be captured in the Transition Plan and Records and Resources Exchanged form.

  • The Records and Resources Exchanged form must be signed by the Transition Facilitator attesting to meeting the requirements pursuant to s.

  • Upon such Direct Exchange pursuant to this Section 2.6, the Corporation shall acquire the Exchanged Units and shall be treated for all purposes of this Agreement as the owner of such Units; provided, that, any such election by the Corporation shall not relieve OpCo of its obligation arising with respect to such applicable Exchange Notice.

More Definitions of Exchanged

Exchanged shall have a correlative meaning.
Exchanged shall correlative meaning.
Exchanged means sold, canceled, surrendered, transferred, exchanged or otherwise disposed of for Consideration, and shall include the receipt of Consideration from the Company upon a liquidation of the Company, whether or not following a disposition of all or substantially all of the Company’s assets, even if Series A Preferred Stock, Series B Preferred Stock or Conversion Shares are not canceled or surrendered in connection with such liquidation.
Exchanged or "Cancelled," as applicable, the Notes of any Borrower held by such Bank pursuant to the Existing Credit Agreements, if any.
Exchanged and deliver them to the Revolving Credit Borrowers. Accrued interest on that part of the predecessor Revolving Credit Notes evidenced by the new Revolving Credit Notes, and accrued fees, shall be paid as provided in the Lender Assignment Agreement. Accrued interest on that part of the predecessor Revolving Credit Notes evidenced by the replacement Revolving Credit Notes shall be paid to the Assignor Revolving Credit Lender. Accrued interest and accrued fees shall be paid at the same time or times provided in the predecessor Revolving Credit Notes and in this Agreement. Such Assignor Revolving Credit Lender or such Assignee Revolving Credit Lender must also pay a processing fee to the Administrative Agent upon delivery of any Lender Assignment Agreement in connection with the concurrent assignment of Term Loans and Revolving II Credit Commitments in the amount of $1,500, unless such assignment and delegation is by a Revolving Credit Lender to its Affiliate or Related Fund or if such assignment and delegation consists of a pledge by a Revolving Credit Lender to a Federal Reserve Bank (or, in the case of a Revolving Credit Lender that is an investment fund, to the trustee under the indenture to which such fund is a party), as provided below or is otherwise consented to by the Syndication Agent. Any attempted assignment and delegation not made in accordance with this Section 11.11.1 shall be null and void. Nothing contained in this Section 11.11.1 shall prevent or prohibit any Revolving Credit Lender from pledging its rights (but not its obligations to make Revolving Credit Loans) under this Agreement and/or its Revolving Credit Loans and/or its Revolving Credit Notes hereunder (i) to a Federal Reserve Bank in support of borrowings made by such Revolving Credit Lender from such Federal Reserve Bank, or (ii) in the case of a Revolving Credit Lender that is an investment fund, to the trustee under the indenture to which such fund is a party in support of its obligations to such trustee, in either case without notice to or consent of the Revolving Credit Borrowers or the Agents; provided, however, that (A) such Revolving Credit Lender shall remain a "Revolving Credit Lender" under this Agreement and shall continue to be bound be the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement and the other Revolving Credit Documents, and (B) any assignment by such trustee shall be subject to the provisions of clause (a) of this Section 11.11.1.
Exchanged. Subject to the last sentence of Section 12.11(a), no assignment of a U.S. Note and the obligation evidenced thereby shall be effective unless it shall have been recorded in the U.S. Register by the U.S. Administrative Agent as provided in this Section.
Exchanged means the transfer of something of value between a licensed operator