Exact definition

Exact means EXACT Sciences Corporation and its Affiliates, unless the context indicates otherwise.
Exact shall have the meaning set forth in the preamble.
Exact or “true” PSF means the actual PSF that an infinite S/N point source

Examples of Exact in a sentence

  • Exact numbers of practitioners will be dependent on the number of sites participating.

  • Alternative 2 (used in all situations except those defined above for Alternative 1): For Percentages, the Fisher Exact Permutation Test will be used.

  • Exact Name of Person(s) authorized to sign Facility Improvement Agreement, Titleof Signatory in Development Company (President, Partner, Individual, etc.).

  • Exact Canonical Decomposition (ECD) of the Com- munication Graph for Cell 0.

  • Exact Macroscopic Description of Phase Segregation in Model Alloys with Long Range Interactions.

More Definitions of Exact

Exact means that T is chosen sufficiently large such that the assignment W (T ) is almost integral, i.e. a labeling, according to the entropy-based criterion of [A˚ PSS17, Section 3.3.4].
Exact. Bill to" and "Ship to" addxxxx.
Exact means that we know the mathematical expression of the efficient surface. In contrast, in other papers of this style, the surfaces are approxi- mated by discrete frontiers or points. For example, Lo et al. (2003) obtain mean-variance efficient frontiers by liquidity filters, and plot the surface by connecting the frontiers; Chow (1995) get mean-variance-tracking-error effi- cient portfolios by using a set of risk tolerances and tracking error tolerances, and plot the surface from the portfolios (points). The potential disadvantage is that properties of the surfaces and financial implication can be masked.
Exact means that the empirical distribution from the simulation is identical to the true distribution.
Exact. Bill to" and "Ship to" addxxxxes. Bay Networks Agreement for C2000 (Rev. 9/22/95)
Exact. Exact Group B.V. or one of its Subsidiaries acting as a provider of the Exact Service(s); Exact : Exact Groupe B.V. ou l'une de ses Filiales agissant en tant que fournisseur du ou des Services Exact ;
Exact fails because it means the wrong sort of thing to many people.