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No guarantee can be given as to the existence of other IPRs not referenced in ETSI SR 000 314 (or the updates on the ETSI Web server) which are, or may be, or may become, essential to the present document.

The information pertaining to these essential IPRs, if any, is publicly available for ETSI members and non-members, and can be found in ETSI SR 000 314: "Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs); Essential, or potentially Essential, IPRs notified to ETSI in respect of ETSI standards", which is available from the ETSI Secretariat.

Latest updates are available on the ETSI Web server ( to the ETSI IPR Policy, no investigation, including IPR searches, has been carried out by ETSI.

Modal verbs terminology‌In the present document "shall", "shall not", "should", "should not", "may", "need not", "will", "will not", "can" and "cannot" are to be interpreted as described in clause 3.2 of the ETSI Drafting Rules (Verbal forms for the expression of provisions).

Table 1 in ETSI EN 301 489-1 [1], contains the applicability of EMC emission measurements to the relevant ports of radio and/or associated ancillary equipment.

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ETSI means the European Telecommunications Standards Institute; “ISO guides 25 and 58” means the International Organization for