Estimated definition

Estimated. PRORATA BUILDING OPERATING EXPENSES. On or before the beginning of each calendar year, Lessor shall calculate the estimated building operating expenses for that calendar year, according to the criteria in subparagraph (c) below. One-twelfth of Lessee's prorata share of estimated building operating expenses which are in excess of any expense stop shall be due on the first of each month as additional rent.
Estimated means, when used in reference to a Claim, any Claim that has been estimated by the Bankruptcy Court pursuant to section 502(c) of the Bankruptcy Code or by agreement of the applicable Debtors and the holder of such Claim.
Estimated flow means a calculated volume or discharge rate which is based on a technical evaluation of the sources contributing to the discharge including, but not limited to, pump capabilities, water meters, and batch discharge volumes.

Examples of Estimated in a sentence

  • Estimated Bid Value indicated above is being declared solely for the purpose of guidance on EMD amount and for determining the Eligibility Criteria related to Turn Over, Past Performance and Project / Past Experience etc.

  • Past Experience of Similar Services: The Bidder must have successfully executed / completed at least one single order of 80 % of the Estimated Bid Value or 2 orders each of 50 % of the Estimated Bid Value or 3 orders each of 40 % of the Estimated Bid Value for similar service(s) in last three years to any Central / State Govt Organization / PSU / Public Listed Company.

  • Estimated resources include estimates of cash to be received (budgeted receipts) plus unencumbered cash as of January 1.

  • Estimated resources include estimates of cash to be received (budgeted receipts) plus cash as of January 1.

  • Estimated ultimate recovery is the sum of reserves remaining as of a given date and cumulative production as of that date.

More Definitions of Estimated

Estimated means an approximated calculation or judgment of a value, number, quantity or extent of something;
Estimated. ANNUAL OPERATING EXPENSES": $109,379.97 (One Hundred Nine Thousand Three Hundred Seventy-Nine and 97/100 Dollars), payable in monthly installments of $9,115.00 (Nine Thousand One Hundred Fifteen and 00/100 Dollars), subject to adjustment (Section 7(a)).
Estimated has the meaning set forth for such term in the Plan.
Estimated expects," "expected," "believes," "anticipates" and "anticipated" or the negative or variations thereof or similar terminology. These statements are not guarantees of the Company's future performance and are subject to risks and uncertainties, and other important factors that could cause the Company's actual performance or achievements to be materially different from those expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements. These risks, uncertainties and factors include, but are not limited to: o the ability of Genesis Health Ventures, Inc. ("Genesis"), the Company's principal tenant, and The Multicare Companies, Inc., a 43.6% owned consolidated subsidiary of Genesis, ("Multicare") to resume making loan payments and continue making lease payments to the Company; o the outcome of the Genesis and Multicare bankruptcy proceedings; o the Company's ability to pay-off or refinance its bank credit facility (the "Credit Facility) when it becomes due on June 30, 2001; o the Company's ability to cure its failure to meet debt covenants or obtain waivers from its lenders; o the NYSE acceptance of the Company's business plan; o interest rates; o availability, terms and use of capital; o general economic, business and regulatory conditions; o federal and state government regulation; o changes in Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement programs; and o competition. Refer to the Company's annual report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 1999 for a discussion of these and other factors which management believes may impact the Company. The forward-looking statements included herein represent the Company's judgment as of the date of this Form 10-Q and should be read in conjunction with the unaudited condensed consolidated financial statements and notes thereto appearing elsewhere in this report. Although the Company believes that the expectations reflected in these forward-looking statements are reasonable, there can be no assurance that such expectations will prove to be correct. All subsequent written and oral forward-looking statements attributable to the Company are expressly qualified in their entirety by the cautionary statements. The Company disclaims, however, any intent or obligation to update its forward-looking statements.
Estimated means with reference to any Claim or Interest, any Claim or Interest estimated by an Estimation Order.
Estimated immediately before the word "replacement" in clause (ii) and (C) inserting "(which may be the last known coverage)" immediately after the word "Property" in clause (ii).
Estimated. As per attached schedule Min Parameter: Total revenues for any 12 month period to be no less than 90% of estimated.