Definition of Environmentally sensitive

Environmentally sensitive land shall mean that land which contains natural

Examples of Environmentally sensitive in a sentence

Environmentally sensitive areas with significant recreational value such as the Dandenong and Macedon Ranges, the Upper Yarra Valley, Western Port and Port Phillip Bays and their foreshores, the Mornington Peninsula, the Yarra and Maribyrnong Rivers and the Merri Creek, as well as nominated urban conservation areas, historic buildings and precincts should be protected from development which would diminish their environmental, conservation or recreation values.
Environmentally sensitive areas and their features may, in some instances, be suitable sites, but they should be protected from degradation by construction, maintenance, and public use.
Shallow Water 10 10 5 5 Deep or Ultra- deepwater 10 10 5 5 Adverse Environments 10 5 Environmentally sensitive areas 10 5 Score by length of experience in E&P activities Bidders that inform experience as an operator in E&P activities shall receive, depending on the length of experience and operating environment (onshore, shallow water, or deep/ultra- deepwater), the score established in Table 10.
Environmentally- sensitive habitats and any species currently listed as threatened, endangered, or state special concern must be identified.
Production - Shallow water 3 5 7 Exploration - Deep/ultra-deepwater 3 5 7 Production - Deep/Ultra-Deepwater 3 5 7 Operation in adverse environments 3 5 7 Operation in Environmentally sensitive areas 3 5 7 Levels of technical qualification as operator A or B For purposes of classification of the bidder at one of the levels of qualification, ANP shall use the following criteria for technical qualification: 30 to 80 points: operator B; 81 points or more: operator A.