Entered definition

Entered means convictions were posted to the Driver Record.
Entered or “Entry” means the recording on the Bankruptcy Court docket for the Case by the clerk of the Bankruptcy Court.
Entered means entered, or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption, in the customs territory of the United States;

Examples of Entered in a sentence

  • Entered into a binding contractual obligation for the purchase of facilities or equipment which are intended to be used in its operation within a reasonable time.

  • Entered into binding agreements or contractual obligations, which cannot be canceled or modified without substantial loss to the owner or operator, to undertake a program of actual construction of the source to be completed within a reasonable time.

  • Entered into any agreement, or otherwise obligated itself, to do any of the foregoing.

  • Orders Entered Prior to SEF Opening Participants are prohibited from sending any Request for Quote or Order or using an Order Book or any other facility of BSEF prior to the opening of the trading session.

  • Entered into a partnership with Food Panda delivery service to provide jobs for displaced public drivers/riders in the city.

More Definitions of Entered

Entered means entered on the docket with respect to the Bankruptcy Case by the Clerk of the Bankruptcy Court.
Entered. , in relation to goods, means goods that have been properly accounted for to the satisfaction of the Comptroller;
Entered means that goods have been properly accounted for to the satisfaction of Customs;
Entered execution or completion of a document (such as an Order), which may be by physically signing, applying an electronic signature or by completing an 8x8 “click-through” or “click to accept”process (and Enter or Entering shall be construed accordingly).
Entered means gonvigtions were posted to the Driver Regord.
Entered means filed with the Clerk of the Municipal Court. A document may be entered in either paper form or electronic form.