Enrolled Member definition

Enrolled Member means a person whose name appears on the tribal role of an Indian tribe or whose status as an enrolled member of a tribe is recognized by the tribal council of that tribe.
Enrolled Member means any member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians listed on the membership roll maintained by the Secretary of Interior, or designated representatives.

Examples of Enrolled Member in a sentence

  • Enrolled Member liability calculation will be based on the negotiated price (refer to the description of negotiated price under Section 8.4.1, BlueCard Program) that the Host Blue makes available to BCBSRI that allows GROUP Enrolled Members access to negotiated participation agreement networks of specified participating healthcare providers outside of BCBSRI service area.

  • Where a reference benefit limit exceeds either a negotiated price or a provider’s billed charge, the Enrolled Member will incur no additional liability, other than any applicable Enrolled Member cost sharing.

  • BCBSRI shall protect the personal information pertaining to an Enrolled Member as required by Massachusetts Regulation 201.

  • Under this Arrangement, when Enrolled Member access covered healthcare services within the geographic area served by a Host Blue, the Host Blue will be responsible for contracting and handling all interactions with its participating healthcare providers.

  • As such, when Enrolled Member receive care from providers outside the BlueCard service area, the Enrolled Members will typically have to pay the providers and submit the claims themselves to obtain reimbursement for these services.

More Definitions of Enrolled Member

Enrolled Member means any member of a voluntary ambulance
Enrolled Member means a person who is either (a) certified by the Tribe as having been a member of the Tribe for at least five (5) years, or (b) a holder of confirmation of membership issued by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
Enrolled Member means a qualified permanent employee who has enrolled in the Catastrophic Leave Program.
Enrolled Member means the contract holder who may be the Employee, Retiree, Contract Employee, or Extended Beneficiary who is currently enrolled in Coverage and who has paid the necessary Deduction or Premium for such Coverage.
Enrolled Member means one who has been duly enrolled as a member of the White Mountain Apache Tribe as provided by tribal law.