Enrolled definition

Enrolled or "enrollment" means when a pupil is currently
Enrolled means registered for courses and attending athletic practice or class.
Enrolled means the Contractor has performed or ensured that the following tasks have been performed:

Examples of Enrolled in a sentence

  • Table 1.5: Farmland Enrollment in the Agricultural Land Preservation Programs, 2007 Farmland Enrolled Percentage Farmland Acres Acres of Farmland Metropolitan Agricultural Preserves Anoka57,0681,8163%Carver167,91093,727 NOTE: Data are on properties assessed in 2007 for taxes to be paid in 2008.a Includes Ramsey County.

  • ANZUNS recommends only Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses and Enrolled Nurses (who are under delegation and supervision of a Registered Nurse) are permitted to insert urethral and change suprapubic catheters.

  • SCOPE OF THE AGREEMENT This Agreement contains all the terms and conditions of employment for Employees covered by the Agreement and will apply to Registered Nurses, Endorsed/ Enrolled Nurses and Assistants in Nursing employed by the Employer in the facilities listed at Appendix 3, excluding nursing staff listed in Appendix 2 whilst those persons remain in continuous employment with the Employer.

  • Enrolled patients who did not receive a study valve (Lotus or CoreValve) were followed for 1 year.

  • Enrolled students in Preschool through Grade 8 will have first priority for registration.

More Definitions of Enrolled

Enrolled means an eligible worker has received notification from the insurer that the worker is being required to treat under the provisions of a managed care organization (MCO). However, a worker may not be enrolled who would otherwise be subject to an MCO contract if the worker’s primary residence is more than 100 miles outside the managed care organization’s certified geographical service area.
Enrolled or "enrollment" means that a pupil is currently
Enrolled means registered for courses and attending athletic practice or class. "Enrolls" has a corresponding meaning.
Enrolled means either of the following, whichever applies:
Enrolled means that the approved institution of higher education where the student is attending class counts the student as enrolled for the hours claimed on the last day to add or drop a class at the approved institution of higher education;