Definition of End User Documentation

End User Documentation means those items identified in Section 7.02.

Examples of End User Documentation in a sentence

STRATASYS agrees to assist HP with any and all updates of the End User Documentation, as per HP request due to Specification and /or functional changes.
SMS grants to LanVision a non-transferable, non-exclusive limited license to use Confidential Information (as hereinafter defined) certain SMS' software licensed to the End User, Documentation and other Deliverables solely for the purpose of assisting an End User identified in an Engagement Letter and solely for the purpose and duration of such engagement as set forth in the Engagement Letter and for no other purpose.
The Contractor shall develop End User Documentation with on-line user procedures, on-line help, and on-line policy documentation along with a hard-copy quick reference for ERP System users that provides log-on and log-off procedures and basic access and navigation instructions.
DOCUMENTATION 111As required by TAK for the completion of this development, WINK shall provide documentation about its standard products including: - Product Descriptions - Functional Specifications - End User Documentation - Protocol Specifications 111.2 Extensions to WINK products required by TAK will be processed as follow: Exhibit A-16 39 - TAK shall specify requirements for extensions of the WINK products according to TAK business requirements.
HP may reproduce End User Documentation without STRATASYS's logo or other identification of source, subject to affixing copyright notices to all copies of Documentation.