Enact definition

Enact means to establish.
Enact means to make a law.
Enact means “to make into law by authoritative act,” Black’s Law Dictionary 546 (7th ed. 1999); thus every Act of Congress, whether it reflects a never-before considered subject or amends a previously existing statute, is “enacted.” To the extent there could ever be any doubt about whether the Civil Rights Act of 1991 was “an Act of Congress” or whether it was “enacted,” the language of the law itself should set the record straight.

Examples of Enact in a sentence

  • Enact ordinances consistent with LID practices and repeal sections of ordinances that conflict with LID practices.

  • Enact a Stormwater Management Ordinance or SOP to implement and enforce a stormwater management program that includes prohibition of non-stormwater discharges to the regulated small MS4.

  • Enact, implement and enforce an ordinance or SOP to require the implementation and maintenance of E&S control BMPs, including sanctions for non-compliance, as applicable.

  • Enact, implement and enforce an ordinance or SOP to require post-construction stormwater management from new development and redevelopment projects, including sanctions for non-compliance.

  • Option 1 – Enact all Statutory Instruments – this is the preferred option.

More Definitions of Enact

Enact means legislative
Enact means ------ pass a law
Enact means pass a law
Enact means the action by a governing body to pass a resolution or otherwise legally approve a policy or procedure for a department and, through such action by the governing body, obligates the department; G. "governing body" means a body authorized to enact policies and procedures on behalf of the state, a county or a municipality and includes a city council or city commission of a city, the board of trustees of a town or village, the council of an incorporated county and the board of county commissioners of an H class county
Enact means a bill or legislation
Enact means the Xchange EnAct customer relations management solution suite owned by Xchange as more particularly described in the Product Schedule.
Enact means to make a law or bill