Eligible patient definition

Eligible patient means an individual who meets all of the following conditions:
Eligible patient means a patient who a pharmacist determines is eligible to receive an immunization using professional judgment after consulting with the patient regarding the patient's current health condition, recent health condition, and allergies.
Eligible patient means an individual who:

Examples of Eligible patient in a sentence

  • TCM services ensure the necessary services are available and accessed for each Eligible patient.

  • The representative physician’s average Medicare and Medicaid Dual Eligible patient is 71 years old.

  • Eligible patient may qualify for the SARH Financial Assistance Program by following application instructions and making every reasonable effort to provide the hospital with documentation and health benefits coverage information such that the hospital may make a determination of the patient‟s qualification for coverage under the program.

  • Variation in the Dual Eligible patient mix then identifies the individual heterogeneity parameters (d0 , d1),using the first order condition with respect to l.

  • Eligible patient will have undergone kidney transplantation during the specified time period.

More Definitions of Eligible patient

Eligible patient means a person who has:
Eligible patient means a person (i) who is 18 years of age or older and a resident of the
Eligible patient means an individual who meets the
Eligible patient means a patient who is eligible under sub. (2).
Eligible patient means an individual who has been diagnosed with a terminal
Eligible patient means a cancer patient who is approved for a standard radiation therapy protocol delivered with IMRT by the state group insurance program's third-party administrator and prescribed a hypofractionated proton therapy protocol for the treatment of the same cancer;
Eligible patient means an adult, mentally ill person