ELA definition

ELA. (Express Lane Agency)” means the Department of Human Services making determinations regarding one or more eligibility requirements for the MAGI Child or MAGI CHIP programs.
ELA means Establishment License Application.
ELA means the Electric Lighting Act.

Examples of ELA in a sentence

  • While most teachers of 4-8 Common Branch, ELA and Math will have State-provided scores and ratings, some may teach other courses where there is no State-provided growth measure.

  • For teachers in grades 4 - 8 Common Branch, ELA, and Math, NYSED will provide a growth score and rating.

  • For a principal of a building which includes grades 4-8 ELA, math and/or high school courses with State or Regents assessments (or principals of programs with any of these assessments) who have at least 30% of his/her students covered under a State-provided growth measure, such principal shall have a State- provided growth score based on such model.

  • The SARC provides the following information relevant to the State priority: Pupil Achievement (Priority 4):• Statewide assessments (i.e., California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress [CAASPP] System, which includes the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments for students in the general education population and the California Alternate Assessments [CAAs] for English language arts/literacy [ELA] and mathematics given in grades three through eight and grade eleven.

  • SLOs must be used for principals in buildings or programs in which fewer than 30% of students take Grades 4-8 ELA, math, and/or high school courses with State or Regents assessments.

More Definitions of ELA

ELA means Electric Lighting Act
ELA or "Ethernet Local Access” means CenturyLink Provided Access using Ethernet over SONET technology and is available at bandwidths varying from 1 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps (1Gbps).
ELA means the Establishment License Application filed with the FDA to obtain approval of the facility to be used to manufacture GA-EPO covered by the TKT Patent Rights or which uses the TKT Technology for sale in the United States or any comparable application filed with the regulatory authorities of a country other than the United States to obtain approval of production facilities to be used to manufacture GA-EPO covered by the TKT Patent Rights or which uses the TKT Technology for sale in such country.
ELA means a Product License Application and an Establishment License Application, respectively, as defined in the Public Health Service Act, Biological Products and the regulations promulgated thereunder, viz. 21 CFR Part 600, or its foreign equivalents.
ELA is defined in Section 2(b)(iii) of this Branding Agreement.
ELA means ELA Medical, Inc., a Delaware corporation.
ELA means the Software and Services provided by Cisco as set forth in the product exhibit to the applicable End User Terms.