EDF definition

EDF means Électricité de France, S.A., a French utility company that is an Initial LNG Buyer.

Examples of EDF in a sentence

  • If new utility services are required, please confirm which utility companies have been contacted (e.g. Thames Water, National Grid, EDF Energy, BT etc.) You must explore options for the utility companies to share the same excavations and traffic management proposals.

  • See EDF International S.A, SAUR International S.A. and León Participaciones Argentinas S.A. v.

  • The EDF committee accepted this, though it unduly limited the scope of review in deference to the two unchallenged members’ initial decision on the disqualification proposal.

  • The Committee is of the view that the approach in EDF and Suez 3/19 should be followed.

  • Article 11(7) of the Internal Agreement applicable to the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) states that the discharge for the financial management of the Fund shall be given by the European Parliament on the recommendation of the Council, which shall act by the qualified majority laid down in Article 8(3) of the Internal Agreement (see OJ L 210, 6.8.2013, p.1)1.

More Definitions of EDF

EDF means the Electronic Deliverable Format that was developed for the United States Army Corps of Engineers. It is a data standard designed to facilitate the transfer of electronic data files from analytical laboratories to end-users. It is a relational database consisting of five files, related to one another through key fields. Laboratories can produce electronic documents in EDF using the COELT software or with other programs outside of COELT. The data components include the chain-of custody information, laboratory results, and quality assurance information. For purposes of the requirements of this article, version 1.2i of EDF shall be used. Specifications for version 1.2i of EDF (The Electronic Deliverable Format [EDF] Version 1.2i Guidelines & Restrictions dated April 2001 and Data Dictionary dated April 2001) are available athttp://www.swrcb.ca.gov or from SWRCB at 1001 I Street, Sacramento, CA 95814.
EDF means Electricité de France, a société anonyme incorporated under the laws of France, having its registered office at 22-30 avenue de Wagram, 75008 Paris
EDF means, with respect to any Collateral Obligation, the lowest of (A) the lowest of the 5-year expected default frequencies for the current year and previous 4 years for such Collateral Obligation as determined by running the current version of Moody’s RiskCalc in the Credit Cycle Adjusted (“CCA”) mode and (B) the 5-year expected default frequency for such Collateral Obligation as determined by running the current version of Moody’s RiskCalc in the Financial Statement Only (“FSO”) mode.
EDF. With respect to any Loan, the lowest 5 year expected default frequency for such Loan as determined by running the current version Moody’s RiskCalc in both the Financial Statement Only (FSO) and the Credit Cycle Adjusted (CAA) modes, as calculated by the Collateral Manager; provided, that the Administrative Agent shall have the right (in its sole discretion) to amend or modify any of the information utilized to calculate the .EDF and recalculate the .EDF based upon such revised information, in which case such recalculated .EDF shall apply. The Collateral Manager shall provide the Administrative Agent with the .EDF and the information necessary to calculate such .EDF upon request from the Administrative Agent.
EDF has the meaning set forth in the Preamble hereof.
EDF means ED&F Man Holdings Limited, its Subsidiaries and Affiliates other than the Corporation, and any Persons with which any of such entities acts together as a group as a stockholder of the Corporation; provided that “ED&F” (i) shall not include the Employee Trust (as such term is defined in the Transaction Agreement), (ii) for purposes only of Subsections and, shall include any director of ED&F Man Holdings Limited and any ED&F Member, and (iii) except as provided in the preceding clause (ii), shall not include any natural person.