E1 definition

E1 means a unit of 2Mbps of Capacity;
E1. Consumer Price Index' shall mean the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage
E1 means a classification for formaldehyde-containing wood-based panels adopted across EU Member States based on formaldehyde emissions. According to the definition provided in Annex B to EN 13986, a wood-based panel shall be classified as E1 if emissions are equivalent to steady state concentrations of less than or equal to 0.1 ppm (0.124 mg/m3) of formaldehyde after 28 days of a chamber test carried out according to EN 717-1 or that the formaldehyde content is determined to be less than or equal to 8 mg/100 g oven dry board when measured according to EN 120 or that formaldehyde emission rates are less than or equal to 3.5 mg/m2.h according to EN 717-2 or less than or equal to 5.0 mg/m2.h according to the same method but within 3 days after production;

More Definitions of E1

E1. Means any vehicle being used for Police, Fire Brigade or Ambulance purposes where the restriction would be likely to hinder the use of that vehicle in fulfilling that emergency purpose, and is making use of both visual and/or audible warning devices, and which is taking all reasonable precautions.
E1. Credit Union Central’ means Credit Union Central of Saskatchewan continued pursuant to The Credit Union Central of Saskatchewan Act, 2016”;
E1 means a unit of 2Mbps of capacity.
E1. E2 means (E1 → E2) & (E2 → E1),
E1 means an elementary school district or a K-12 elementary program with more than 2,500 ANB.
E1 ministry’ means the ministry over which the minister presides”.
E1. Funeral chapel' means a chapel or other facility separate from the funeral establishment premises for the reposing of dead human bodies, visitation or funeral ceremony, which is owned, operated, or maintained by a funeral establishment, establishment or other licensee under this Article, and which does not use the word 'funeral' in its name, on a sign, in a directory, in advertising or in any other manner; in which or on the premises of which there is not displayed or offered for sale any caskets or other funeral merchandise; in which or on the premises of which there is not located any funeral business office or a preparation room; in which or on the premises of which no funeral sales, financing, or arrangements are made; and which no owner, operator, employee, or agent thereof represents the chapel to be a funeral establishment."