Donor definition

Donor means an individual whose body or part is the subject of an anatomical gift.

Examples of Donor in a sentence

  • The Consultant shall cooperate fully in any investigations linked to events under this clause which may be carried out by IUCN and/or the Donor and shall give access to all records (and to its staff if applicable) in the event that this is needed to support investigations of complaints of unethical behavior, fraud or corruption.

  • Termination for lack of Donor funds IUCN shall have the right to terminate this Agreement with immediate effect and without any liability for damages to the Consultant in case the agreement between IUCN and the Donor is terminated and/or the Remuneration funds become unavailable to IUCN.

  • In the event of inspection or audit, IUCN or Donor shall provide the Consultant reasonable prior written notice.

  • All financial records and other relevant documents relevant to or pertaining to this Agreement may be subject to inspection and/or audit at the discretion of IUCN or of the Donor.

  • IUCN may share Personal Data of the Consultant and / or Consultant Key Personnel with the Donor and other IUCN partners strictly involved in the implementation of the Project.

More Definitions of Donor

Donor means an individual who produces eggs or sperm used for assisted reproduction, whether or not for consideration. The term does not include:
Donor means a person who creates or reserves a power.
Donor means an individual who makes an anatomical gift of all or part of the individual’s body.
Donor or “consumer” means any person solicited to make a charitable
Donor means an individual whose body or part is the