Documented definition

Documented means Medical Records, billing records, tax returns, social security earnings statements or any other documentation or evidence requested, or otherwise found acceptable, by the Claims Administrator.
Documented means evidenced by written information such as pesticide applicator reports, statements of individu- als with pesticide illness, or medical records.
Documented in relation to costs and expenses, means the reasonable itemisation of such costs and expenses;

Examples of Documented in a sentence

  • Documented inability to perform under the conditions of the contract, via the Complaint to Vendor process (PUR 7017 form) contemplated for this Contract, may result in default proceedings and cancellation.

  • Please provide the Sponsoring Entity’s name and GIIN:☐ Trustee Documented Trust.

  • Documented “repeat” deficiencies in the execution of safety requirements will require retaking the requisite formal course.

  • Documented relevant additional coursework beyond the bachelor’s degree, equivalent to 18 semester hours or equivalent subject matter coursework, CEU’s, vendor, or military.

  • Please provide the Sponsoring Entity’s name and GIIN:Trustee Documented Trust.

More Definitions of Documented

Documented means a written record.
Documented means written, signed, and dated. If an identifier such as a master sign-in sheet is used, initials may be used for signing documentation, in accordance with applicable professional standards of practice.
Documented means written, signed and dated.
Documented means supported by written information, such as applicator reports, patient statements, or medical records.
Documented means written, signed, and dated.
Documented means registered, enrolled or licensed;
Documented has the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 7.02(D). “Effective Date” has the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 5.02(D).