Dissolved definition

Dissolved means the status of a corporation on either:
Dissolved. , in relation to a company, means dissolved under this Law or any other law of Jersey;
Dissolved. , in relation to a company, means dissolved under this Act or any other law of the Federation;

Examples of Dissolved in a sentence

  • Monitoring for Dissolved Orthophosphate (as P) The permittee shall monitor for dissolved orthophosphate by grab sample.

  • Cu. M/day or M3/day Cubic meters per day DO Dissolved oxygen kg/dayKilograms per daylbs/dayPounds per daymg/LMilligram(s) per litermL/LMilliliters per literMGDMillion gallons per dayNitrogen Total NTotal nitrogenNH3-NAmmonia nitrogen as nitrogenNO3-NNitrate as nitrogenNO2-NNitrite as nitrogenNO3-NO2Combined nitrate and nitrite nitrogen as nitrogenTKNTotal Kjeldahl nitrogen as nitrogenOil & GreaseFreon extractable materialPCBPolychlorinated biphenylSurfactantSurface-active agentTemp.

  • Dissolved oxygen, pH and temperature are also measured at 24 and 48 hour intervals in all dilutions.

  • See Part II, OTHER REQUIREMENTS, for location of sampling.Table - Upstream Monitoring - 801 - Final Effluent Characteristic Discharge Limitations Monitoring Requirements Parameter 00010 - Water Temperature - C 00300 - Dissolved Oxygen - mg/l 00400 - pH - S.U.00610 - Nitrogen, Ammonia (NH3) - mg/l 00625 - Nitrogen Kjeldahl, Total - mg/l 00630 - Nitrite Plus Nitrate, Total - mg/l 00665 - Phosphorus, Total (P) - mg/l 31648 - E.

  • Monitoring required byfederal effluent guidelines (40 CFR Part 434).Manganese, TotalManganese limitations are based on 40-CFR-434.pHThe pH limitation is based upon Virginia's water quality standards and federal effluent guidelines(40 CFR Part 434).Settleable SolidsSS limitations are based on federal effluentguidelines for coal mining (40 CFR Part 434).Total Dissolved SolidsMonitoring required for informational purposes.

More Definitions of Dissolved

Dissolved means a constituent of a water sample which will pass through a 0.45-micrometer pore-size membrane filter under a pressure differential not exceeding one atmosphere. The “dissolved” fraction is also termed “filterable residue.”
Dissolved. , in relation to a company, means dissolved under this Act or any other written law of Seychelles;
Dissolved means dissolved under the law of England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland (whether or not by a process referred to as dissolution), and
Dissolved means (i) a company which has been “struck-off” and six years have passed since it was removed from the register; or (ii) a company which has obtained a Declaration of Dissolution under section 190.
Dissolved means dissolved under—
Dissolved means, with respect to a legal entity other than a natural person, that such entity has “dissolved” within the meaning of the partnership, corporation, limited liability company, trust or other statute under which such entity was organized.
Dissolved means the Member Society or Branch is dissolved by the Registrar of Societies in accordance with the Incorporated Societies Act 1908.