DI definition

DI means the number of calendar days in the relevant Observation Period for which the SONIA rate is applicable. The SONIA rate determined for each London Business Day applies for and including such London Business Day and also for all immediately following days that are not London Business Days until but excluding the succeeding London Business Day.
DI means, in respect of a Sharei and a Valuation Datej+1 that is an Ex-Datei, the amount of Divdendi attributed to such Ex-Datei.
DI means the electronic exchange of business documents, from computer to computer, between trading partners over the Internet.

Examples of DI in a sentence

  • Social security wealth – as often used in the international literature – usually encompasses benefits from different sources, such as old-age pension (OA), disability insurance (DI), unemployment insurance (UI) and other public transfer programs available at older ages.

  • A written summary will be given to the intern and the original placed in the intern’s file in the DI director’s office.

  • A nearly identical solution was prepared for a glass vial, containing, 5 mL of D.I. water, with a net mass of 5.0135 g, and 15 mL of Ultima Gold LLT™, with a net mass of 14.6145 g.Both the plastic and the glass vials were placed in the HidexTM liquid scintillation counter for 13, one-hour intervals.

  • Figure 6: Comparison of the glass vial and the plastic vial with the guard turned off, with scintillator and D.I. water (the blank), and without any materials in the vials (empty).

  • C.A. No. 19-cv-7304 (S.D.N.Y. 2020), D.I. No. 53 (attached as Exhibit 3 to the June 14, 2022 Declaration of Marcus Green (“Green Decl.”)).

More Definitions of DI

DI means that mandatory portion of the unique device identifier (i.e., an identifier number that identifies a device through its distribution and use by meeting the requirements of 21 C.F.R. 830.20) that identifies the specific version or model of a device and the labeler of that device.
DI means Dish, Inc.
DI means Diversey, Inc., a U.S. corporation.
DI means construction of an independent storm drainage system or appropriate storm drainage soak-aways as an alternate to "D".
DI means Durwood, Inc., a Missouri corporation, which is to be merged into the Company in the Merger.