Deny definition

Deny means the WCAT panel agrees with the determination made on an issue covered by a decision or order under appeal, or does not grant the remedy requested in an application.
Deny means to refuse to grant or accept.

Examples of Deny in a sentence

  • This includes…Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, and Autism.” memos/docs/NoticeCoverLttrSB812Memo.pdf49 Housing and Limiting the Authority of Local Government to Deny Approval of Those Facilities).

  • Deny any changes and send back to Finance Director for further research.5-1 FUND BALANCE POLICY IN ACCORDANCE WITH GASB #54 Background In February 2009, the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) issued GASB #54 Fund Balance Reporting and Governmental Fund Type Definitions.

  • Require that food establishments that manufacture and "wholesale" milk and milk products to be licensed under (and comply with) either the Manufacturing Milk Law or the Grade A Milk Law.• Deny licenses for two years after certain egregious violations.

  • This will involve adding a number of codes in categories such as 08 (Agree), 10 (Propose), 14 (Deny), and 15 (Demand), which currently have relatively few sub-categories.

  • If an agreement is made between an applicant and the Department which will allow the Department to approve a connection, this agreement will not be effective, nor supersede the Proposed State Highway Access Driveway/Connection Notice of Intent to Deny Permit, Form 850-040-23, 1/99 03/94, unless it is written, executed by the applicant and the Department and appropriate revisions are reflected on signed and sealed construction plans before the 30-day time period allowed for an appeal has expired.

More Definitions of Deny

Deny or “denial” means a rejection of an application for a license or a refusal to issue, renew or reinstate a license.
Deny or “Denied” means payment is not made because the service rendered is for treatment of a non-compensable injury or illness.
Deny or “denial” means the refusal by the city council to grant a license to a new or renewing applicant.
Deny. , "denying", or "denied" means the assertion by an entity that it has no liability to pay a claim based upon eligibility of the patient, coverage of a service, medical necessity of a service, liability of another payer, or other grounds.
Deny means to withhold or refuse to grant a license or permit. “Department” means the department of education.