Demonstrated definition

Demonstrated means as a result of monitoring and/or modelling undertaken by the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council. Individual land owners seeking Certificates of Compliance under Rule TT1 will not be required to undertake any modelling or water quality monitoring themselves.
Demonstrated means to show as a means of proof that a behavior is occurring.
Demonstrated means that Hydro Ottawa has evaluated the contractor on their performance to carry out specific tasks or to construct electrical systems, structures, or equipment which may be in the vicinity of high voltage cables/conductors. Each task is to be evaluated and documented by Hydro Ottawa as proof of competency for that task.

Examples of Demonstrated in a sentence

  • Information Technology (IT) Staff Augmentation Contract Experience – Demonstrated prior work experience in the allocation and outsourcing of qualified information technology Staff to augment a workforce on a temporary basis.

  • Demonstrated track record of performance of managing projects to the original schedule.

  • Demonstrated track record of performance of in-house estimating on projects comparable to the Project.

  • Demonstrated comprehension of required services and proposed strategy for performance.

  • Demonstrated sufficient mastery of the program material to receive credit for completing the program.

More Definitions of Demonstrated

Demonstrated for our purposes means:
Demonstrated means by word or conduct, and provided that there is no reasonable doubt as to the meaning of such conduct;
Demonstrated means to show by actual use, illustration, simulation or explanation. This may be supplemented by or replaced by simulation, explanation, illustration or a combination of these.
Demonstrated means to show by actual use, illustration, simulation or explanation, or any combination thereof.
Demonstrated means a weight of credible, scientific evidence evaluation based on credible, scientific information that considers risk.