Delivery Window definition

Delivery Window means the period of time prior to Value Date during which Client may settle, either partially or fully, a Window Forward Contract.
Delivery Window means, for each delivery of Communications Hub Products to a Delivery Location, the time period on the applicable Delivery Date within which the DCC is to deliver the Communications Hub Products, as established in accordance with the CH Handover Support Materials.
Delivery Window means the dates set out against the name of each Vessel in Appendix 2.

Examples of Delivery Window in a sentence

  • Delivery Window The Delivery Window for arrival of the LNG Carrier at the Discharge Port shall be [⚫].

  • Understanding the virus Developing effective strategies for the management of a disease demands an understanding of the virus involved.In the case of AI, as far as we know, no vertical transmission occurs.

  • Please ensure the auto-verification email reaches the delivery contact you entered in the registration.In the Delivery Window section, there must be a minimum 5-hour time for each window.

  • If your org does not have 5-hour windows, you can enter your org’s opening and closing times under Delivery Window #1 (example 0800 - 1700) and add in the notes section the times that your organization is closed for lunch.● Provider Practice/Facility Information● Chief Medical Officer/Responsible Medical Provider - person accountable for compliance with agreement conditions The Medical License Number of your organization's Chief Medical Officer/Responsible Medical Provider must be validated.

  • Following receipt of your Reservation we will contact you to confirm the delivery and pick-up location and the Delivery Window.

More Definitions of Delivery Window

Delivery Window means the Delivery Period set out in the Confirmation or the scheduler’s nomination which designates the time period during which the Vessel is to endeavor to tender NOR at the Cargo Custody Transfer Point, or as near thereto as she may safely get, as established by the Contract.
Delivery Window means the date range designated in the Contract (as applicable), which shall begin on the ETA and end on the ETD. The Delivery Window shall not exceed four (4) days.
Delivery Window a twenty-four (24) hour period starting at 6:00 a.m. Central Time on a specified Day and ending twenty-four (24) consecutive hours thereafter that is allocated to Buyer under the ADP or Ninety Day Schedule, as applicable;
Delivery Window means the window of time specified in the Purchase Order between the Not Before Date and the Not After Date during which Merchandise is required to be delivered to Academy at the specified location.
Delivery Window means the Delivery period as determined and communicated according to Clause 8 (“Nominations”).
Delivery Window means, in relation to any relevant Vessel, the dates for delivery of such Vessel to be inserted in the relevant MOA by the Sellers and the Buyers in accordance with Clause 6.1 and 6.7.
Delivery Window means the span of time in which Landlord may deliver possession of the Leased Premises to Tenant.