Delivering definition

Delivering means the act of handing over to a patient medications as ordered by an authorized licensed provider and prepared by an authorized licensed provider.
Delivering or “Delivery” means the transfer of Product from Seller to Buyer by Seller’s delivery to Buyer of a WREGIS Certificate and shall be deemed to be Delivered upon deposit or transfer of the WREGIS Certificate into Buyer’s WREGIS Account. For purposes of Sections 2.7(b) and 2.9(a)(iv), the words “delivery” and “delivered” shall have the same meaning set forth in this definition.
Delivering or “Delivery” or “Collection” means a continuous activity during which Goods or Merchandise are Loaded or Unloaded from a vehicle to adjacent premises or nearby premises including a reasonable time for the checking of those Goods or Merchandise for the purpose of their Delivery or Collection;

Examples of Delivering in a sentence

  • In lieu of Delivering fractional ADSs, the Depositary shall sell the number of Shares represented by the aggregate of such fractions and distribute the proceeds upon the terms described in Section 4.1 hereof.

  • The Transmission Customer shall provide, unless waived by the Transmission Provider, notification to the Transmission Provider identifying such systems and authorizing them to schedule the capacity and energy to be transmitted by the Transmission Provider pursuant to Part II of the Tariff on behalf of the Receiving Party at the Point of Delivery or the Delivering Party at the Point of Receipt.

  • Should the Transmission Customer, Delivering Party or Receiving Party revise or terminate any schedule, such party shall immediately notify the Transmission Provider, and the Transmission Provider shall have the right to adjust accordingly the schedule for capacity and energy to be received and to be delivered.

  • The Network Customer may modify its hourly energy schedules up to twenty (20) minutes before the start of the next clock hour provided that the Delivering Party and Receiving Party also agree to the schedule modification.

  • Delivering a copy to the person named in the subpoena shall make service.

More Definitions of Delivering

Delivering and “Delivered” have correlative meanings.
Delivering shall be construed accordingly. “Delivered Ancillary Services” means the type and, if applicable, the MW of Ancillary Services Delivered by Owner.
Delivering and "Delivery" shall mean the provision of Electricity at the Delivery Points (as defined herein) of a type known as three-phase alternating current.
Delivering or “Delivery” means the transfer of Product from Seller to PacifiCorp by Seller’s delivery to PacifiCorp of a WREGIS Certificate and shall be deemed to be Delivered upon deposit or transfer of the WREGIS Certificate into PacifiCorp’s WREGIS Account.
Delivering means actual, constructive, or attempted transferring from one person to another.
Delivering means with respect to (i) energy, that energy produced by a Shared Clean Energy Facility that is injected into the electric distribution system within the service territory of the receiving EDC for the benefit of such EDC, and (ii) RECs, those RECs associated with the delivered energy of the Shared Clean Energy Facility as a Connecticut Class I Renewable Energy Source1;