Deceased definition

Deceased has the meaning set forth in section 1.7;
Deceased means a dead human being for which a death certificate is required.
Deceased means a person who has died;

Examples of Deceased in a sentence

  • I saw CCTV footage of the Deceased in an apparently semi unconscious state being wheeled from the segregation cell to the medical unit following a Code Blue.

  • I heard evidence that the Deceased was later found vomiting and apparently fitting in the segregation cell.

  • Lassiter, Deceased, et al TO: Shannon Guynes and Johnny Lassiter and to all whom it may concern: NOTICE TO DEFENDANT: “You have been sued.

  • McDonnell, Deceased were issued to Justina Lloyd, Independent Executor by the Probate Court Three(3) of Harris County, Texas, in cause number 494,382 pending upon the docket of said Court.

  • Maciejes- ki, Deceased, 5718 Wes- theimer Road, Suite 1750, Houston, Texas 77057,Telephone (713) 840-7710,Facsimile (713) 963-8469, Email: mlueders@fizerbeck.

More Definitions of Deceased

Deceased means anyone who died in connection with the
Deceased s Account(s)’ means the ISA(s) which the Deceased held with us or with another ISA manager at the date of the Deceased’s death.
Deceased means an individual who was your spouse or civil partner; who died on or after 3 December 2014; with whom you were living at the date of their death and who, at the date of their death, held an ISA.
Deceased means those who have passed away.
Deceased s Estate” or “Estate” means real property (land) and personal property (everything other than real property, e.g. moveable items for which a transfer of title is needed) which the deceased owned at the time of his or her death, including interests in property acquired during a marriage.
Deceased means an individual who has died;
Deceased means the deceased person that the executor has been appointed executor of his or her succession;