Definition of Customer Charge

Customer Charge - means the fee payable by the customer towards Cost of e-bidding Fee/Registration Fee/EMD/SD/e-PBG and any interest thereon along with applicable taxes, duties, cost, charges, expenses (if any) as prescribed by GeM/DGS&D in conformity with the applicable Rules & Regulations. 'Service Fee' means, the amount per Transaction charged by the BANK OF BARODA from the customer for the facility (in addition to the 'customer charge') as specified in para 9.0 (As per Annexure B). "Charge back transaction" means those transactions which the Customer

Examples of Customer Charge in a sentence

The installment amount will be added to the Customer Charge for the duration of the installment payment plan.
SERVICE WITHOUT DEMAND METER MINIMUM MONTHLY BILL The Minimum Monthly Bill shall be the Customer Charge.
Any Customer has the right to appeal any Collection Fee or Miscellaneous Customer Charge levied in accordance with this Ordinance.
MINIMUM DEMAND 25 kW for all voltage levels MINIMUM MONTHLY BILL The Minimum Monthly Bill shall be equal to the sum of the Customer Charge and any applicable minimum Facilities Charge and Demand Charge.
NET MONTHLY BILL The bill for each billing period shall be the sum of the Customer Charge, the Delivery Charge, the Aggregation Fee, the Balancing Fee (if applicable), and the EGM Charge (if applicable).