Creek definition

Creek means a Type 2-5 water as defined in WAC 222-16-031 and is used synonymously with "stream."
Creek means a ((Type 2-5)) Type S, F, Np or Ns water as defined in WAC 222-16-031,
Creek means and is the San Francisquito Creek.

Examples of Creek in a sentence

  • This project resulted in fee title acquisition of two additional parcels on the Vermillion River in Dakota County, a parcel on Rush Lake in Washington County, and a parcel on Brown’s Creek in Washington County.

  • During Dry water supply conditions, which occur about 20 percent of the time, flow in Dry Creek would increase to meet water supply needs, but would increase substantially less than under D1610 (Figures A-2).

  • Dry Creek Road Centennial, Colorado 80112 Chief Executive Office: 9201 E.

  • This tank has a holding capacity of approximately 150-adult chinook salmon.Johnson Creek females are maintained with the SFSR females throughout the holding/ spawning period.

  • Dry Creek Road Centennial, Colorado 80112 Location of Records: 9201 E.

More Definitions of Creek

Creek means a natural course of water that is smaller than, and often tributary to, a river, but is not shallow or intermittent.
Creek means any channel of a river other than the main channel through which the water of the river would, unless obstructed by deposit of silt, naturally flow at some period of the year;
Creek means that portion of the San Marcos Creek upstream of the Lake, as defined herein, and the surface waters tributary thereto.
Creek means any Creek in the Thames, which includes:
Creek means those areas where surface waters flow sufficiently to produce a defined channel or bed. A defined channel or bed is indicated by hydraulically sorted sediments or the removal of vegetative litter or loosely rooted vegetation by the action of moving water. The channel or bed need not contain water year around. This definition is not meant to include storm water runoff devices or other entirely artificial watercourses unless they are used to store and/or convey pass-through stream flows naturally occurring prior to construction.
Creek means and is the San Francisquito Creek. 4.PARTIES TO AGREEMENT. Each Member Entity certifies that it intends to and does contract with every other Member Entity which is a signatory to this Agreement. Each Member Entity also certifies that the
Creek means any natural stream or natural waterway within Springville City and includes, but is not limited to, Dry Creek, Hobble Creek and Spring Creek.