Creation definition

Creation means the process that begins when an Authorized Participant first indicates to the Trustee its intention to purchase one or more Baskets of a specified Trust pursuant to these Procedures and concludes with the issuance by the Trustee and Delivery to such Authorized Participant of the corresponding number of that Trust’s Shares.
Creation means the establishment of a wetland or other aquatic resource where one did not formerly exist.
Creation means the establishment of new wetlands or surface waters by conversion of other land forms.

Examples of Creation in a sentence

  • Because the issuance and redemption of Creation Units also involve the transfer of Gold between the Participant and the Fund, certain processes relating to the underlying Gold transfers also are described.

  • Under these Procedures, Creation Units may be issued only with respect to Gold transferred to and held in the Fund’s allocated and unallocated Gold accounts maintained in London, England by JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A, as custodian (the “Custodian”).

  • This Agreement and the applicable Procedures for each Fund (as listed on Attachment A) set forth the specific procedures by which the Authorized Participant may create or redeem Creation Units for such Fund.

  • Nothing in this Agreement shall obligate the Authorized Participant to create or redeem one or more Creation Units or to sell or offer to sell Shares.

  • To place orders for the Administrator to create or redeem one or more Creation Units, Authorized Participants must follow the procedures for creation and redemption referred to in Section 3 of this Agreement and the applicable procedures for each Fund as listed on Attachment A hereto (the “Procedures”), as each may be amended, modified or supplemented from time to time.

More Definitions of Creation

Creation means any invention, discovery, idea, concept, design, process, work of authorship, development or improvement (whether or not subject to copyright or patent protection and whether or not reduced to practice by me): (i) relating to any past, present or reasonably anticipated business of the Company and which is or was created or otherwise developed during my Relationship with the Company, (ii) which is or was created or otherwise developed while performing work for the Company, or (iii) which is or was created or otherwise developed at any time using equipment, supplies, facilities, information or proprietary rights or other property of the Company.
Creation means every idea, concept, invention, device, design, apparatus, machine, practice, process, method, product, composition of matter, improvement, formula, algorithm, literary or graphical or audiovisual work or sound recording, mask work, or computer program of any kind, whether or not subject to patent, copyright, mask work right, or similar protection.
Creation means the manipulation of the physical, chemical, or biological characteristics to develop a wetland on an upland or deepwater site where a wetland did not previously exist. Creation results in a gain in wetland acreage and function. A typical action is the excavation of upland soils to elevations that will produce a wetland hydroperiod and hydric soils, and support the growth of hydrophytic plant species.
Creation means actions performed to intentionally establish a wetland at a site where it did not formerly exist.
Creation means bringing a wetland or stream corridor into existence at a site in which a wetland or stream corridor did not formerly exist.
Creation means the producing or forming of a wetland or stream through artificial means from an upland (dry) site.
Creation means the establishment of wetland area, functions, and values in an area where none previously existed. Creation may also be known as establishment.