Covered Loss definition

Covered Loss or “Covered Losses” means an accidental death, dismemberment, or other Injury covered under the Policy.
Covered Loss has the meaning set forth in Section 2.3(a).
Covered Loss means all losses arising as a result of damage to or the destruction of property insured caused by or arising from terrorism

Examples of Covered Loss in a sentence

  • TIME OF PAYMENT: We will pay claims for all Covered Losses, other than Covered Losses for which this Policy provides any periodic payment, as soon as practicable upon receipt of written proof of loss that is acceptable to Us. Unless an optional periodic payment is stated or chosen, any Covered Loss to be paid in periodic payments will be paid at the end of each four-week period.

  • Covered Loss means a loss that meets the requisites of one or more benefits or additional benefits, and for which benefits are payable under this Policy.

  • The unpaid balance, that remains when Our liability ends, will then be paid when We receive the Proof of Covered Loss that is acceptable to Us.

  • For any other loss sustained by You We will pay benefits to You.If You sustain more than one Covered Loss due to an accidental injury, the amount We will pay, on behalf of any such injured person, will not exceed the Full Amount.

  • Direct and Sole Cause means that the Covered Loss occurs within 12 months of the date of the accidental injury and was a direct result of the accidental injury, independent of other causes.

More Definitions of Covered Loss

Covered Loss or “Covered Losses” means an accidental death, dismemberment or other Injury covered under the Policy and this Certificate and indicated on the Schedule of Benefits.
Covered Loss means any and all losses, Liabilities, claims, fines, deficiencies, damages, obligations, payments (including those arising out of any settlement, judgment or compromise relating to any Action), costs and expenses (including interest and penalties due and payable with respect thereto and attorneys’ and accountantsfees and any other expenses incurred in investigating, preparing, defending, avoiding or settling any Action), and Taxes, including any of the foregoing arising under, out of or in connection with any Action, Governmental Order, or any Law or Contract, except that Covered Losses shall exclude any loss or Liability that has been reflected in the Closing Net Working Capital, Closing Indebtedness, Closing Cash or Closing Transaction Expenses, as finally determined in accordance with Section 1.04(b), and punitive damages except to the extent actually paid to a third party. The amount of any Covered Loss subject to indemnification hereunder will be calculated net of (a) any net insurance proceeds actually received by the indemnitee on account of such Covered Loss (net of any deductible, increase in premiums or other costs or expenses associated with obtaining such recovery) and (b) any net Tax benefit actually recognized by the indemnitee arising from the recognition of the Covered Loss in the year in which such Covered Loss occurred (determined by comparing actual cash Tax liability for the taxable period of such payment to the hypothetical cash Tax liability of the Purchaser Indemnified Party and its Affiliates for such Tax period without taking into account such Covered Loss, and treating any deductions or credits resulting from such Covered Losses as the last deductions or credits taken on any Tax Return). The Indemnified Party entitled to indemnification under this Agreement shall use commercially reasonable efforts to seek recovery from third parties under insurance policies covering any Covered Loss (provided, that an Indemnified Party shall not be required to pursue an insurance recovery effort by means of mediation, arbitration or other alternative dispute resolution proceeding or litigation) and shall mitigate any actual Covered Loss to the extent required by Law.
Covered Loss means any loss resulting from a claim or claims against a Member Entity which is in excess of its Self-Insured Retention and which is covered by any of PARSAC's Memoranda of Coverage [or insurance policy related to a PARSAC Program].
Covered Loss means any and all losses, Liabilities, claims, fines, deficiencies, damages (excluding contingent liabilities and, other than for purposes of Section 12.02(a), loss in value), demands, assessments, penalties, judgments, awards, payments, costs and expenses (including interest and penalties due and payable with respect thereto and reasonable attorneys’ and accountantsfees and any other reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred in investigating, defending or settling any Action or enforcing any right to indemnification under this Agreement), in each case (other than for purposes of claim for loss in value under Section 12.02(a)) that are due and payable (whether payable in cash, property or otherwise) (“Losses”), excluding (i) any consequential, special, punitive or speculative damages except to the extent such damages are recovered by third parties in connection with claims made by such third parties that are indemnified under this Agreement, (ii) any Loss that has been accrued or reserved against and is included in the final Closing Modified Net Worth Amount (to the extent of such accrual or reserve), (iii) any Loss arising from any operational, record keeping, procedural or other requirement (other than payment of money damages, fines or civil monetary penalties) imposed as a result of any Action, agreed to as part of the settlement of any Action or pursuant to any applicable Laws and (iv) any Loss attributable to the continuation by the Company or any of its Subsidiaries after the Closing of pre-Closing practices of the Company or its Subsidiaries or attributable to the Purchaser’s ownership or operation of the Company or its Subsidiaries.
Covered Loss means permanent loss of: