Course definition

Course means classroom training delivered live either physically in person or virtually via the internet.
Course means a course or program.

Examples of Course in a sentence

Note: 40% of the total weight in the Course will be devoted to Case Studies.

Note: 40% of the total weight in the Course will be devoted to Case Studies.Suggested Readings:1.

The Contractor should follow the training instructions of the WAWF Web-Based Training Course and use the Practice Training Site before submitting payment requests through WAWF.

If non-smoking restrictions are violated, the offending participant may be excluded from attending the Course.

For Courses, hard copies of the purchase order should be mailed to SAP to arrive no later than 10 calendar days before the start date of Course or your registration will be subject to cancellation.

More Definitions of Course

Course or “Courses” means the area used for the purpose of a Competition including start and arrival areas (accredited access zones) and areas adjacent to the actual competition courses. It includes the reclaimable air-space above.
Course means the track over which horses race.
Course means a basic or advanced life support training program leading to certification or award of continuing education credit hours.
Course means a unit subject within a program of education that must be successfully mastered before an educational credential can be awarded.
Course means regular academic program and short term management/executive development programs, including academic/scientific training programs or events, seminars, workshops, conferences, summer or winter schools etc. which are being conducted or allowed to be conducted by the Institute from time to time on residential or non-residential basis.
Course means a portion of a program of study covering specific subject matter. [COMAR 13B.01.01.02B(10)]
Course means organized subject matter in which instruction is