County road definition

County road means a county primary road or county local road as described in section 5 of 1951 PA 51, MCL 247.655, or a segment thereof.

Examples of County road in a sentence

Location: The site is located at 3514 Mechanic Street on the corner of North and Mechanic Streets in the Village of Port Leyden, approximately 0.1 miles north of the intersection of NYS Route 12 and County Road 39.

Jana Hennessy with Mountrail County Road and Bridge stated she would look into it and remove it.

Resolution establishing the following County Road Projects: Bradshaw Culvert Replacement, ES44410-3; South Skagit Highway Culvert Replacement, ES07000-10; and Bicycle Caution Light Installation on the North Fork Bridge, ES40037-6.

She also stated that there is a county bor- der sign that isn’t placed in the correct area on County Road 21.

The city bases this approval on the findings required by the ordinance and is subject to the following conditions: CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT RESOLUTION 08-03-032 WHEREAS, Mr. Chris Rogers, representing Xcel Energy, applied to Maplewood for a conditional use permit for the expansion of the existing electrical substation and for a wood chipping and transfer operation at 1480 County Road D.

More Definitions of County road

County road. , means a street under the jurisdiction of the Corporation of the County.
County road means a road under the jurisdiction of the Corporation of the County of Bruce.
County road means a public road under the jurisdiction of a county that has been designated as a county road under ORS 368.016.
County road means a public road that has been accepted by the Board of Commissioners into the County road maintenance system.
County road means any road maintained by the Board of Chosen Freeholders of the County of Union. The current list is maintained by the County’s Division of Engineering and is attached in Appendix D.
County road means every public highway or part thereof, outside the limits of cities and towns and which has not been designated as a state highway.