Corrected definition

Corrected means the HCBS QIO Unit received a new residential assessment for the member that no longer requires follow-up.
Corrected means that GE Healthcare will not penalize Biochrom and Biochrom shall not be responsible, if GE Healthcare short cycles Biochrom’s Product lead-times (as defined in Oracle).
Corrected means fixing the failure retroactively (to the extent possible) within 30 days of the first date on which the error was known or should have been known, and placing any affected individual in at least the same financial position as he or she would have been had the failure not occurred.

Examples of Corrected in a sentence

  • The Error Correction Factor shall be computed by expressing the difference between the tender amount and the corrected tender sum as a percentage of the Corrected Builder’s Work (i.e. corrected tender sum less P.C. and Provisional Sums).

  • The Tender price as determined after arithmetic corrections shall be termed as the Corrected Total Tender Price which shall be binding upon the Tenderer.

  • Adjustment for commercial compliance will be added to the Corrected Total Bid Prices.

  • The cost of making good any deficiency resulting from technical non compliance will be added to the Corrected Total Bid Price for comparison purposes only.

  • If there is a discrepancy between the Total Bid price entered in Form of Bid and the total shown in Schedule of Prices-Summary, the amount stated in the Form of Bid will be corrected by the Employer in accordance with the Corrected Schedule of Prices.

More Definitions of Corrected

Corrected means that the power has been changed to compensate for cable losses. “Uncorrected” means that the power has not been changed to compensate for cable losses.
Corrected means that blow counts or other in situ measurements have been corrected for overburden effect.
Corrected means that the actual thrust setting at the aircraft altitude and ambient temperature is divided by the ratio of the ambient atmospheric pressure to the sea-level standard pressure. Thus, thrust is "corrected" back to sea-level standard day.
Corrected means to have a Correction performed.
Corrected sum of squares among these means is
Corrected means that a clerical or typographical error in a published docu- ment is fixed. An error in regulatory text must be corrected before the effective date of the final rule. Once the final rule becomes effective, a formal amendment in the form of a technical amendment is necessary to make the change. A correc- tion is not an amendment and may not be used to write in “second thoughts.” Any “fine tuning” of a published regulation must be in the form of a formal clarifying amendment.
Corrected shall include implementation of a work-around or similar temporary measures, provided that Acxiom continues its best efforts to pursue and promptly implement a full and complete cure);