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Contour means to grade the affected area to a land configuration similar to that which existed prior to any mining, sufficient to achieve soil stability and control landslides, erosion, and sedimentation with adequate provisions for drainage appropriate to the intended future use.
Contour means the form of the land, existing or proposed; a part of the topography, indicated by map lines at intervals as desired, to understand the land form clearly. The contour line though imaginary, indicates continuous elevation above mean sea level or an assumed datum line;
Contour means Contour Venture Partners, L.P., together with its Affiliates.

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  • Contour levels of the total production density−(∂U/∂y)uv − (∂U/∂z)uw are displayed in figure 7(a) for the streaky base flow of figure 1(a), at time t = 300, together with the contours U (y, z) = v+, U (y, z) = v− and U (y, z) = vmax pertaining to the wave packet.

  • That is, our CFS strategy is very neces- sary to improve the performance, which greatly integrates the learning ability of the two branch models.Adaptive Contour Guidance Module.

  • BUND BUNDFig.4 Schematics of a Typical Contour Bund Contour bunding involves construction of narrow-based trapezoidal embankments (bunds) along contours to impound water behind them, which infiltrates into the soil and ultimately augment ground water recharge.Fig.4Contour Trenches: Contour trenches are rainwater harvesting structures, which can be constructed on hill slopes as well as on degraded and barren waste lands in both high- and low- rainfall areas.

  • Contour map of 50 cm of entire highway length and adjoining areas of interest (e).

  • Cross section of a typical contour trench is shown in Fig.5Fig.5 Schematics of a Contour Trench The trenches break the slope at intervals and reduce the velocity of surface runoff.

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Contour means Samson Contour Energy E&P, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company.
Contour. Means a curved surface having radii of different lengths all of which lie in 30 parallel planes or the same plane, such planes being perpendicular to the curved surface, 31 or a curved line having radii of different lengths all of which are in the same plane. The 32 surface of a cone or section thereon, a typical airfoil surface, the curved edge of a profiled 33 plate and the curved layout line guiding the making of a router block are examples. 34 Contour surfaces composed of sections of cylinders and edges whose profile is a section 35 of a circle are excluded since the radii are the same length. 36
Contour means a line closes on itself and connects all points at the same elevation relative to a known landmark.
Contour means a line drawn on a map connecting points of equal elevation (or value).
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Contour means a line joining like elevations as determined by a surveyor, or the Nova Scotia Topographic Database.
Contour means the direction of a melodic line.