content data definition

content data means any stored data in a digital format such as text, voice, videos, images, and sound other than subscriber, access or transactional data;
content data means any representation of fact, information or concept for processing in an information system including source code or a program suitable to cause an information system to perform a function;
content data means data as defined in Article 2, point 10, of Regulation (EU) … [on European Production and Preservation Orders for electronic evidence in criminal matters (…/… e-evidence Regulation)];

Examples of content data in a sentence

  • If Customer becomes aware that any of the Content Data or any User's access to or use of the Content Data violates this Agreement, Customer will take immediate action to remove the applicable part of Content Data or suspend the User’s access.

  • Customer represents and warrants that the Content Data does not and will not violate any third-party rights, including any Intellectual Property Rights, and rights of publicity and privacy.

  • Customer will only use the OVHcloud Services with Content Data to which it has full right, title or license.

  • Any Content Data may only be shared with Authorized Users outside your organization with prior agreement from your organization and WisPQC.

  • Except as provided in the Data Processing Agreement, Customer is responsible for protecting the security of Content Data, including any access to Content Data that Customer provides to its employees, customers or other third parties, and when it is in transit to and from the OVHcloud Services.

More Definitions of content data

content data means the subject or purpose of the communication, or the message or information being conveyed by the communication, whether or not any interpretation, process, mechanism or device needs to be applied or used to make the meaning of the communication intelligible;
content data means any computer data found in the form of audio, video, picture, arithmetic formula or any other form that conveys the essence, substance, meaning or purpose of a stored or transmitted computer data or computer communication;
content data means the substance, its meaning or purport of a specified communication;
content data means the communication content of the communication, that is, the meaning or purport of the communication or the message or information being conveyed by the communication other than traffic data;
content data means the content transmitted, distributed or exchanged by means of electronic communications services, such as text, voice, videos, images, and sound; where metadata of other electronic communications services or protocols are transmitted, distributed or exchanged by using the respective services, they are to be considered content data for the respective service;
content data shall have the meaning as set out in paragraph 1.1 Schedule C.
content data means the actual information or message sent across during a communication session;