Concentration Bank definition

Concentration Bank means a bank or other credit institution which has a current agreement with the Clearing House to participate in the Clearing House Protected Payments System (as described in the Regulations) as a concentration bank.
Concentration Bank means BTCo or any commercial bank satisfactory to Agent at which any Loan Party maintains a Concentration Account.
Concentration Bank means each clearing bank which establishes, maintains and holds the Concentration Account, which shall be an Eligible Institution.

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Additionally, the Clearing House will hold Clearing House Accounts at a Concentration Bank in order to facilitate transfers between accounts at Approved Financial Institutions.

Any provision of these Rules referring to a Concentration Bank shall only be operative as from the date that, pursuant to Rule 301(m), the Clearing House publishes details of the appointment of a Concentration Bank.

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The Trustee is hereby directed to instruct the Concentration Bank to follow the instructions of Navistar Financial given pursuant to this subsection (a).

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Concentration Bank means JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., in its capacity as the agent of the Trustee (or of a co-trustee or separate trustee), or any successor Concentration Bank appointed pursuant to Section 4.07(g) at which the Proceeds Allocation Account is maintained. If the Concentration Bank is an agent of a co-trustee or separate trustee appointed pursuant to Section 7.10, references to the “Trustee” in connection with the Concentration Bank shall refer to such co-trustee or separate trustee, as the case may be.
Concentration Bank means the "Concentration Bank" as defined in the Concentration Bank Agreement.
Concentration Bank means the Blocked Account Bank selected by Agent at which the Concentration Account is to be opened and maintained pursuant to a Blocked Agreement. If there is only one Blocked Account Bank, it shall be the Concentration Bank.
Concentration Bank means, at any time, any of the banks holding one or more Concentration Accounts (as of the date hereof being those banks specified in Schedule III hereof).
Concentration Bank means an Agent or any Affiliate of such Agent, or any commercial bank satisfactory to Administrative Agent at which any Loan Party maintains a Concentration Account.
Concentration Bank shall have the meaning set forth in the Mortgage Loan Agreement.
Concentration Bank means The First National Bank of Chicago, in its capacity as bank at which the Concentration Account is maintained, or any successor thereto appointed pursuant to Section 7.