Compromised definition

Compromised means a given Private Key is in danger of being lost, disclosed, or subjected to unauthorized use in any way.
Compromised means inadvertently or improperly disclosed.
Compromised means where identity has not been protected in line with Section 16 of the Act and the provisions for revealing of identity contained therein.

Examples of Compromised in a sentence

  • Figure 2.1: Compromised credential checking using Ali (2017) protocol The client will then truncate the hash to a predetermined number of charac- ters (for example, five) resulting in a hash prefix of a94a8.

  • A National Guide to the Selection of Pigs Fit to Transport (2010).• Care of the Compromised Pig and Euthanasia Manual.

  • Flexible Solution For Not So Flexible Problem; Restoration Of Surgically Compromised Partially Edentulous Mandibular Arch By Flexible Partial Denture: A Case Report.

  • Compromised arbitrators might send information favoring the incorrect party in the dispute, or might refuse at all to resolve a dispute, stalling the transaction indefinitely.

  • Compromised flap circulation should be identified according to monitoring guidelines (for example Appendix C) and the responsible surgeon contacted if indicated.• All returns of the patient to theatre should be documented in the departmental BR database.

More Definitions of Compromised

Compromised has the same meaning as in the Smart Energy Code, with all due adjustments or modifications having been made to apply such term in the context of the SMETS1 Live Services;
Compromised means: (a) in relation to any System, that the intended purpose or effective operation of that System is compromised by the occurrence of any event which has an adverse effect on the confidentiality, integrity or availability of the System or of any Data that are stored on or communicated by means of it; (b) in relation to any Device, that the intended purpose or effective operation of that Device is compromised by the occurrence of any event which has an adverse effect on the confidentiality, integrity or availability of the Device or of any Data that are stored on or communicated by means of it; (c) in relation to any Data, that the confidentiality, integrity or availability of that Data is adversely affected by the occurrence of any event;
Compromised or “interrupted”). There is a one-to-one mapping between the cases in sF and F P RFE P fPAKE such that the outputs for the parties, whether they are honest or P P corrupt, are identically distributed. Those outputs are described in the last three columns of the table, as tuples of values the first of which is output to 0, and the second of which is output to 1. a, b are adversarially chosen values (which may or may not be distinct). r, s are independent, uniformly random values. The transformation of Barak et al. proceeds in two steps. First, links are initialized:
Compromised is defined in Clause 3.1.5;
Compromised is defined in clause 14 to include an unauthorised collection, use or disclosure of information in a consumer’s PCEHR and other events that may affect the security or integrity of the PCEHR system. For example, in relation to clause 4.4(a)(ii), if it appears that someone has hacked into the PCEHR system using your IT system or if you have discovered that one of your employees has accessed records in the PCEHR system when not authorised to do so under the PCEHR Act. The consent in clause 4.5 is for the purposes of paragraph 9(1)(d) of the Electronic Transactions Act 1999. 4 4.1 You must take reasonable steps to ensure that you and your employees exercise due care and skill: (a) so that any record you or your employees upload to the PCEHR system is, at the time the record is uploaded, accurate, up-to-date and not misleading or defamatory; and (b) about whether any records you or your employees access via, or download from, the PCEHR system are accurate, up-to-date and fit for purpose. 4.1A The obligation in clause 4.1(a) does not extend to ensuring records are accurate or up-to-date to the extent that: (a) the record being uploaded was created by an individual who was not, at the time the record was created, an employee of the uploading healthcare provider organisation; and (b) there is nothing in the record that would indicate to a reasonable person that the record was not accurate or up-to-date. 4.2 The uploading of a record to the PCEHR system does not relieve you or your employees of any obligations that may be applicable to keep clinical records about a consumer. Nor does it relieve you or your employees of other obligations that may exist, including any obligation to communicate health information to a consumer. 4.3 [Not used]. 4.4 You must promptly notify us if: (a) you know or suspect that: (i) there is a non-clinical, PCEHR system-related error in a record that has been accessed via, or downloaded from, the PCEHR system; or (ii) the security of the PCEHR system has been compromised by your or one of your employees or by the use of your equipment; (b) there is a material change in your legal structure, or you are involved in a merger or acquisition; or (c) your contact person, or their contact details, change. 4.5 You consent to us communicating with you electronically in connection with the PCEHR system.
Compromised means the state in which FXgo® Card number, CVV2 number and/or PIN have been discovered by, disclosed to or used by someone other than you.
Compromised means Hygienic Goods which, as determined by Innervation at its sole and absolute discretion,