Commission Fee definition

Commission Fee means the fee, computed at the commission fee rate specified by you or specified in any Loan Document, charged by you at the time or times specified by you on the amount of each Credit and on the amount of each increase in a Credit for the time period each Credit is outstanding. "CREDIT" means an instrument or document titled "Irrevocable Standby Letter of Credit" or "Standby Letter of Credit", or any instrument or document whatever it is titled or whether or not it is titled functioning as a standby letter of credit, issued under or pursuant to an Application, and all renewals, extensions and amendments of such instrument or document. "DEMAND" means any sight draft, electronic or telegraphic transmission or other written demand drawn or made, or purported to be drawn or made, under or in connection with any Credit. "DOCUMENT" means any instrument, statement, certificate or other document referred to in or related to any Credit or required by any Credit to be presented with any Demand. "DOLLARS" means the lawful currency at any time for the payment of public or private debts in the United States of America. "EVENT OF DEFAULT" means any of the events set forth in Section 13 of this Agreement. "EXPIRATION DATE" means the date any Credit expires. "GUARANTOR" means any person or entity guaranteeing the payment and/or performance of any or all of Applicant's obligations under or in connection with any L/C Document and/or any Loan Document. "HOLDING COMPANY" means any company or other entity directly or indirectly controlling you. "L/C DOCUMENT" means this Agreement, each Application, each Credit, and each Demand. "LOAN DOCUMENT" means each and any promissory note, loan agreement, security agreement, pledge agreement, guarantee or other agreement or document executed in connection with, or relating to, any extension of credit under which any Credit is issued. "MAXIMUM RATE" means the maximum amount of interest (as defined by applicable laws), if any, permitted to be paid, taken, reserved, received, collected or charged under applicable laws, as the same may be amended or modified from time to time. "NEGOTIATION FEE" means the fee, computed at the negotiation fee rate specified by you or specified in any Loan Document, charged by you on the amount of each Demand paid by you or any other bank specified by you when each Demand is paid. "PAYMENT OFFICE" means the office specified by you or specified in any Loan Document as the office where reimbursements and other p...
Commission Fee means a fee (charge) applied by the COMPANY for the payment transaction and/or related payment services, services linked to the Account or which is related to these services;

Examples of Commission Fee in a sentence

  • The notification is required at the time their Hazardous Waste Commission Fee is due.

  • There shall be no refund of any portion of any Commission Fee in the event any Credit is used, reduced, amended, modified or terminated before its Expiration Date.

  • The Commission Fee consists of 30 % of the Third Party Product Fee.

  • Agent shall be compensated for each Product sold in accordance with the commission or fee schedule set forth in Exhibit A –Product Sales Commission Fee Schedule.

  • S&ST charges Third Party Provider with a Commission Fee for providing the Application Store.

More Definitions of Commission Fee

Commission Fee has the meaning assigned in Section 2.5.
Commission Fee means a fee the Company receives as an agent and/or broker for a customer at the rate determined by the Company or the relevant laws which shall include taxes, fees, duties and any other expenses which may be incurred.
Commission Fee means the annual fees payable by the Company to a Bank on the issued amount of an L/C under a Letter of Credit Facility.
Commission Fee means the fee charged by PayPal for the provision of the PayPal Service.
Commission Fee has the meaning given in clause 3.1;
Commission Fee means the service fees charged by the Lessor to the Lessee for this financial leasing transaction. The specific amount and corresponding payment date shall be subject to the Lease Agreement.
Commission Fee means the service provider’s charge for a payment transaction and/or services related thereto.