Commercial Recreation definition

Commercial Recreation means any building, structure or premises with athletic or entertainment facilities for commercial purposes.
Commercial Recreation means the commercial use of a building for sports and leisure activities and rentals, including a billiard/pool hall, bowling alley, indoor mini-golf or other games court, and bicycle/kayak rentals;
Commercial Recreation means a recreation facility operated as a business and open to the public for a fee.

Examples of Commercial Recreation in a sentence

  • Planned District - Commercial Recreation (PDCR)--Planned developments involving recreation and associated commercial uses only.

  • The Wayfare Group Limited (Wayfare) sought amendments to the GISZ provisions to provide a more enabling framework for Commercial Recreation and Recreation Activities.

  • On this basis we agree with Mr Place - that Wayfare’s submission be rejected; and that the plan provisions not provide a more enabling framework for Commercial Recreation and Recreation Activities.

  • These included prohibiting those activities listed above, and making other activities including: Commercial Recreation and Recreation Activities, Community Activities and Community Facilities and those activities requiring an Offensive Trade Licence under the Health Act, non-complying activities.

  • In particular, the submitter44 sought to differentiate Commercial Recreation and Recreation activities from the “avoid” approach applied to commercial activity policies.

More Definitions of Commercial Recreation

Commercial Recreation. - means a facility which offers various indoor or outdoor recreational opportunities for the public, including such games as pool, billiards, bowling, video games, miniature
Commercial Recreation means the use of an establishment, for a fee, for the provision of athletic and amusement facilities involving the active participation of the user- public in a sports-related activity and shall include, for example, such facilities as racquet courts, fitness club, billiard parlour, bowling alley, golf courses and driving range, skating or curling surfaces, riding stables, water sports, go-kart track or amusement parks, but shall not include an amusement arcade.
Commercial Recreation means the provision of recreation-related products or services by private enterprise for a fee.
Commercial Recreation means one or more recreational facilities activities or uses, either indoor or outdoor, operated as a business and open to the general public for a fee, such as golf driving ranges and baseball batting range. "Commercial recreation" does not include the following indoor or outdoor recreational, gaming or amusement uses: firearm ranges, target shooting of all kinds, paintball, motorized activities of all kinds, irrespective of power source, mechanical, video, electronic or computerized recreational or amusement arcades.
Commercial Recreation means commercial facilities serving the recreational needs of residents and visitors. Examples: marinas, tourist accommodations, campsites, golf courses, riding stables, and other similar facilities.
Commercial Recreation means any business which is operated as a recreational enterprise, either publicly or privately owned, for profit. Examples include, but are not limited to, golf courses, arcades, bowling alleys, theaters, etc.
Commercial Recreation means the commercial provision of services in support of any of the following: fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, skiing, climbing, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, paddle sports, water sports, scuba, adventure activities, sports, boating, all-terrain vehicle trips, snow machine trips, sight-seeing, bird watching, wildlife viewing, hotels and lodges, and tours. This definition includes professional guides and outfitters. This definition does not include: (a) Casual Recreational Use,