Definition of Collateral Properties

Collateral Properties means collective reference to the real properties, improvements and associated FF&E which are pledged and encumbered as Collateral securing repayment of the Bank Facilities from time to time, which shall consist of the Real Property, together with any other real property or interests therein which may be held by Agent Bank from time to time to secure repayment of the Bank Facilities.

Examples of Collateral Properties in a sentence

For certain Collateral Properties, we were instructed by the applicable Mortgage Loan Sellers, on behalf of the Depositor, to obtain information relating to the current property taxes for each such Collateral Property from the applicable tax assessor website (each, a "Tax Assessor Website," and collectively, the "Tax Assessor Websites").
Borrowers shall not suffer and shall promptly cause to be paid and discharged any Lien or charge whatsoever which may be or become a Lien or charge against the Collateral Properties, and shall promptly pay for all utility services provided to the Collateral Properties.
All roads, easements and rights of way necessary for the full utilization of the Collateral Properties have been completed and/or obtained.
Borrowers will remain in good standing under the laws of each jurisdiction to the extent required for the ownership, maintenance, management and operation of the Collateral Properties.
All transfer taxes, deed stamps, intangible taxes or other amounts in the nature of transfer taxes required to be paid by any Person under applicable Legal Requirements currently in effect in connection with the transfer of the Collateral Properties to the respective Borrower have been paid.