CMB definition

CMB means the Capital Markets Board of Turkey (Sermaye PiyasasI Kurulu);
CMB the “Underwriter”, “us” or “we”), refer to our recent discussions in relation to the potential loan facility in RMB of the equivalent of USD53,000,000 (the “Financing” or the “Facility”) to the Co-Borrowers, in connection with the acquisition of a total of 31.5% of the shares of ATA Online (Beijing) Education Technology Co., Limited with the project code name Project Nova (the “Acquisition”). In connection with the Acquisition, CMB is pleased to inform you of its commitment to provide the Financing to the Co-Borrowers subject to the terms and conditions set out below. In this letter (the “Letter”):

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  • Constraints on the Coupling between Dark Energy and Dark Matter from CMB data.

  • Likewise, IF electron-based dark sector probes (e.g., LDMX) may have synergies with neutrino experiments and nuclear physics.Comment: For the CF, there is important synergy with the detector R&D program, in particular for new dark matter experiments but also in the area of cosmic acceleration and CMB.

  • Specifically, we consider two different anchors: direct measurements of the Hubble constant based on the local Cepheids-Supernovae distance ladder and CMB measurements of the comoving sound horizon at baryon drag, further defined in Equation (4) below.

  • Kumar, S.; Nunes, R.C.; Yadav, S.K. Dark sector interaction: A remedy of the tensions between CMB and LSS data.

  • Each of Huatai Financial Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited, China International Capital Corporation Hong Kong Securities Limited, CMB International Capital Limited, BDO Limited, and Dentons has given and has not withdrawn its written consents to the issue of this document with the inclusion of its report, letter and/or opinion (as the case may be) and the references to its name included herein in the form and context in which it respectively appears.

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CMB means Compagnie Maritime Belge NV and each of its Connected Persons.
CMB means CMB International Capital Management (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (招银国际资本管理(深圳)有限公司) and its Affiliates.
CMB. The Yorkshire and Humber Contract Management Board, the role and Terms of Reference for which are set out in Schedule 3.2. “Commissioning contract/s” The contract between NHS Greater Huddersfield CCG and the Parties indicated in Schedule 5 for the provision of Integrated Care Services in each Party’s area. The contract between NHS Wakefield CCG and the Parties indicated in Schedule 5 for the provision of 999 services in each Party’s area. “Dispute resolution” Has the meaning set out in Clauses 4.9-4.11 “ICS/STP” The health and care partnerships in: • Humber, Coast and ValeSouth Yorkshire and Bassetlaw • Wet Yorkshire and Harrogate. “JSPB” The Yorkshire and Humber Joint Strategic Partnership Board, the role and Terms of Reference for which are set out in Schedule 3.1. “Lead Contractor/s” NHS Greater Huddersfield CCG for the provision of Integrated Care Services. NHS Wakefield CCG for the provision of 999 services. “Lead Contractor decisions” Has the meaning set out in Schedule 4. “Lead Officer” The 2 representatives who represent their respective ICS/STP at meetings of the JSPB, as set out at Schedule 2. “Provider” Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust Schedule 2 Lead Officers for ICS/STP sub-regional footprints
CMB or “Consortium Management Board” means the GLOCAL Consortium Management Board whose terms of reference are set out in Annex 2;
CMB means the Capital Markets Board (Sermaye Piyasası Kurulu) of Turkey; Permitted Business means any business which is the same as or related, ancillary or complementary to any of the businesses of the Issuer on the Issue Date; Person means (i) any individual, company, unincorporated association, government, state agency, international organisation or other entity and (ii) its successors and assigns; Subsidiary means, in relation to any Person, any company (i) in which such Person holds a majority of the voting rights; or (ii) of which such Person is a member and has the right to appoint or remove a majority of the board of directors; or (iii) of which such Person is a member and controls a majority of the voting rights, and includes any company which is a Subsidiary of a Subsidiary of such Person; and Turkey means the Republic of Turkey.