Client Equipment definition

Client Equipment means any equipment (including without limitation Purchased Equipment, cabling, wiring, personal computers, PBX, routers, servers, network interface cards and network interface adapters) not forming part of (but which may be connected to) the Company's Equipment and used by the Client in conjunction with any Company Equipment in order to obtain or use the Services;
Client Equipment means any equipment installed at Kubantutech’s premises by the Client that Kubantutech does not own, including without limitation servers, peripherals, routers, switches, Software, Databases, Data cables, and uninterruptible power supplies.
Client Equipment. Means any computers, tools, network equipment, systems, cabling and associated infrastructure provided by the Client (including the Client's server) owned and/or operated by the Client, which is used directly or indirectly in the supply of the Services and/or with which the Medigold Health Equipment is required to interface.

Examples of Client Equipment in a sentence

  • If the Parties agree that certain Client Equipment will be removed in order for Marco to provide, and Client to use, the Products in an effective and efficient manner, Client shall not reinstall or redeploy such items.

  • Client shall confirm the accuracy of the Network Discovery and provide Marco with any clarification and other information about the Network Discovery, Client Equipment, Client’s environment and any other information necessary for the efficient and effective provision and use of the Products.

  • London Systems shall have no liability where any inability of the Client to use the Services is due to incompatibility between Client Equipment and the Service or any third party’s communications network or for any breakdown or failure in the Client’s Equipment, provided that such failure in the Client’s Equipment is not caused by any act or omission of London Systems.

  • Client agrees to maintain Client Equipment in good working order and repair, and in compliance, with applicable law and industry standards for the effective and efficient provision and use of the Products.

  • Client Equipment for Spur line & In-plant yard Frrom Ch(+)2/400 to 6/320 and Doubling between BYSA & DZK HEL: WO:1566 M/s BCPL 5,454,765 31.08.2015 08.01.16 completed All construction dated Railway 10.10.13.

More Definitions of Client Equipment

Client Equipment means equipment or software owned, managed or supplied by the Client (save where explicitly maintained by Supplier);
Client Equipment means all equipment and tools provided by Client, its Affiliates, or their respective designees to Cytovance.
Client Equipment means all the equipment purchased and owned by Client for use by Catalent, and all the equipment purchased by Catalent for Client and invoiced to or purchased by Client. Client shall hold title for all such equipment, including the equipment listed in or added to Attachment D. Attachment D shall be amended from time to time to reflect any additional equipment purchased by Client.
Client Equipment means Project Equipment that is specified in the Task Order as to be supplied by CLIENT or that CLIENT requires SAFC to obtain for the Project at CLIENT’s expense.
Client Equipment means any equipment owned or leased or in the possession of the Client from time to time or any equipment which is provided at any time by or on behalf of the Client to the Company for the purposes of carrying out the matters contemplated by this Services Agreement. Clients Vessel(s) or Vessel means any vessel owned, leased, manned, operated or managed by the Client or a Client Affiliate, or a customer of the Client or a Client Affiliate, or in respect of which the Client or a Client Affiliate has contracted to provide any Services of the kind mentioned in Box 1 of Schedule 1, including the initial vessels described in Schedule 2.
Client Equipment means any equipment provided by the client in respect to the use of the Microsoft Office 365 CMTG means C&M Hosting Solutions t/as CMTG Hosting (ABN 71 972 449 575) whose registered office is 00 Xxxx Xx, Xxxxxx, WA 6062.
Client Equipment means any equipment owned by the Client and is used in connection with the provision of a collocation service, or which is the supplied by Keyfort for purchase by the Client under an Accepted Order;